Hubs under review?

  1. tjlajoie profile image80
    tjlajoieposted 20 months ago

    Greeting fellow Hubbers!  I am new to HubPages and my submissions still fall under the 24 hours rule.  My status shows that my most recent hub submission is still under review.  However, it still got over 30 views today and 2 comments today.  Does anyone have an explanation for this?  I have not clicked on the post since submitting it. Thanks!

    1. Michael-Milec profile image60
      Michael-Milecposted 20 months ago in reply to this

      There are more qualified Huber's to give you explanation then myself, since I do not have any submitted article yet. However  after reading one of your latest hub article, my assumption would be that your genre would require more a 'special' attention of someone who might be presently on vacation... ( ?!)

  2. profile image61
    Jaime Santosposted 20 months ago

    Hi tjlajoie and welcome. I am new here too. I guess even under review some hubs are still visible to the community. But only a pro hub member can really answer your question. Michael-Milec i am looking fowrad to read something from you. What do you like writing about?