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Where is the photo attribution?

  1. OldRoses profile image86
    OldRosesposted 12 months ago

    After months of troubleshooting, I am finally able to create and edit hubs.  Don't ask me how.  I tried so many things short of formatting my laptop that I'm not entirely sure what finally worked.  I published a new hub and noticed that the photo attribution is missing on the published version.  In the hub tool, I have filled in and saved the source (my own photo) but it is not showing up.  Is this something new?  Does the source only show up when it is not the author's own photo?

    1. Kylyssa profile image95
      Kylyssaposted 12 months ago in reply to this

      That's how it is supposed to be. They don't seem to see visible attribution as important anymore.

      1. OldRoses profile image86
        OldRosesposted 12 months ago in reply to this

        Thanks, Kylissa!  Photo attribution was a huge issue a few years ago so I made a huge effort to replace everything with my own photos.  And I admit I kind of liked getting credit.  I wonder why this changed?  Does anyone know?

        1. Marisa Wright profile image93
          Marisa Wrightposted 12 months ago in reply to this

          Personally I think it's a disgraceful step on the part of HubPages and very rude to photographers. 

          As a writer, if someone quoted my work, gave me credit for it BUT hid the credit behind a tiny symbol that most people can't even see, I'd be insulted.   

          I had been planning to go back and add visible photo credits by putting them in the captions instead - the links won't be live, but at least they'd be visible -  but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    2. tsmog profile image85
      tsmogposted 12 months ago in reply to this

      The attribution appears when hoovering the mouse cursor over the letter i at the top right of the image.