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    Patrick44posted 10 months ago

    While writing a Hub, my internet connection was interrupted and the text of my Hub was lost.   Is there any way you folks can rescue it for me?  I'm having a difficult time re-creating it (my memory isn't what it used to be). The title of the hub was "Consecrated In Truth".   Thanks in advance.

    1. sallybea profile image95
      sallybeaposted 10 months ago in reply to this

      You should be able to go to My Account and see it below in your list of hubs.  I think it would have been automatically saved.

  2. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 10 months ago

    Right-click the top-left browser back-arrow. A list of previous pages should come up. One of them might still have everything.

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    Patrick44posted 10 months ago

    Thank you both for your responses. Both of them certainly made sense, but unfortunately neither did work.  Thanks again though - my bad for not periodically hitting the 'Save' button.,

  4. Glenn Stok profile image96
    Glenn Stokposted 10 months ago

    Nothing you can do now since you already tried the other suggestions, but for future reference the best thing is to do all your creative work offline. I never compose new content online. I like to be sure I always have it saved locally on my one computer. It's the only way to have full control over it.

    1. agilitymach profile image99
      agilitymachposted 10 months ago in reply to this

      I, too, don't do the actual writing process on HubPages.  I used Word.  First, Word is easier to use when writing than HubPages.  Second, it is more "robust" for things like spell check, etc.  Third, I don't have to worry about internet disconnects causing my work to be lost. 

      When I am done, I just copy and paste my work into the new Hub layout.

      I am sorry you lost your work.  I know that hurts.

  5. Robilo2 profile image79
    Robilo2posted 10 months ago

    Same as Agilitymach - I use MS Word, so I also always have a backup copy on my laptop..

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    Patrick44posted 10 months ago

    Definitely makes sense to work in Word so I think I'll take that bit of advice and thank you all for your responses.  The Hub was eventually completed (late last night at about a quarter to two) so all's well that ends well I suppose.  Thanks again everyone.