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Someone Copied Pictures

  1. Eileen profile image59
    Eileenposted 9 years ago
  2. blessedmommy profile image89
    blessedmommyposted 9 years ago

    Can you be specific?

  3. trakker14 profile image59
    trakker14posted 9 years ago

    They got them off your hub???
    Are you sure they didnt find them the same place you did?  I have found some online that I have on my site,but not from anyones hub.

  4. bccs profile image60
    bccsposted 9 years ago

    yeah..be more specific.. smile

  5. coolbreeze profile image6
    coolbreezeposted 9 years ago

    Everyone copies pictures online unless they are prohibited to do so.

    You see hubs with shoes purses cars, motor cycles etc etc
    You know dam well these people didnt take the pictures them selfs.
    So what is your point ;-)

  6. Eileen profile image59
    Eileenposted 9 years ago

    I'm not sure know but I've seen the pictuers before on a website awhile ago and know she is using them and claiming that they are hers so... but it's all over anyway. we argued.