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I recently started doing what I love: writing. Writing about baseball, pop culture, music, and the incredible injustices of the Bush Administration. I hope these articles make you laugh, make you think, or just teach you one thing that you did not know before. Happy Reading.

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I´m a nutrionist who loves sports especially mountainbikes (right now because of a big fall I can´t ride I broke both wrists and some face bones), I have a 3 years old daughter and I live in Portugal.

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Budjohn profile image

Budjohn 9 years ago from Franklin, TN

Thanks for the different subject matters which entertain, educate and motivate. Thanks also for the wide variety of items which you include in your writings.

Abhinaya 9 years ago

I sure am meeting people all over the world.Thanks to hubpages.Great hub!Thanks for the introduction.

coolbreeze profile image

coolbreeze 9 years ago from Hawaii Author

I should ad your link Rudra for the Blokes Yes

Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

Blokes that Blog. Nice

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal

EHEHEHEH! Cool! Thank you CoolBreeze, I also enjoy your hubs.

And you are entirely right! Hub pages are really a great way to publish but even greater to make friends!

djtphn1 profile image

djtphn1 9 years ago from Riverside County, California

Hey, you know I am just kidding, right surfer man???

djtphn1 profile image

djtphn1 9 years ago from Riverside County, California

Are you sure this isn't the one on Hot Dudes that write on hubpages and you are not hiding something from us?????LOL!

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