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  • Fighting Oxidative Stress

    Fighting Oxidative Stress

    24 months ago

    Oxidative stress is a "silent condition" which leads to the onset and progression of various diseases. Identifying the presence of oxidative stress and its causes is essential before even think about fighting it. This evaluation help determine...

  • Best Portuguese Recipes - Christmas Recipes from Portugal

    Best Portuguese Recipes - Christmas Recipes from Portugal

    2 years ago

    There are numerous Christmas holiday cookings that can be found on Portuguese dinner tables during Christmas time. Some of this holiday recipes are very old and were passed from generation to generation but there are also others that were adapted...

  • Broken Bones - Broken Ribs

    Broken Bones - Broken Ribs

    2 years ago

    This time I am writing this hub because I have suffered a bicycle crash and hit the ground with my chest, face and also the arms. At first I was worried with my wrists and face because of older injuries (Broken Wrists & Reconstructive...

  • How to Assemble a Mountain Bike

    How to Assemble a Mountain Bike

    4 years ago

    In this hubpage you will find a description of every step required for assemble a mountain bike from scratch and every thing you will need during that process. This guide will help those who are beginning to assemble a mountain bike for the first time but it will also help everyone who need to...

  • International Food Day

    International Food Day

    24 months ago

    As I was invited to make a presentation about World Food Day both for students and their parents I thought I could also make a hub about it. In this same day back in 1945 the United Nations founded the FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization. But the World Food Day (WFD) was only established in...

  • Funny stories about couples (continuation)

    Funny stories about couples (continuation)

    2 years ago

    After finishing the first "Funny stories about couples" hub I realize there were so many funny jokes with couples that it was mandatory to make another one. So here it is and I hope you like it at least as much as you liked the first one. I will...

  • Funny stories about couples

    Funny stories about couples

    2 years ago

    This time I choose to have fun with couples but now that I did it I found out that there are billions of couple´s jokes. So I probably will have to make another one on this subject in the future. In the mean time enjoy the following jokes and share them with your better half ;).

  • Funny stories about politicians

    Funny stories about politicians

    2 years ago

    This is the first of several hubs I am going to write about funny stories. It is one of the things I have been doing online which has made me happy and I hope that has made others happy too. This time I will start with a couple of little comical...

  • Recumbent Bikes - Lay Down Bicycles

    Recumbent Bikes - Lay Down Bicycles

    2 years ago

    Recumbent bikes are bicycles where you stand almost lay down without putting any pressure to your wrists. The back of the rider is supported and the rider's legs extend forward to pedals that are at about the same height as the seat.

  • Recovering From Two Broken Wrists: My Story

    Recovering From Two Broken Wrists: My Story

    14 months ago

    Learn about the symptoms, treatment, and recovery time for a broken wrist. After breaking both of my wrists in an accident, I began the long journey toward recovery.

  • Italian Bicycles - Get to know some of the

    Italian Bicycles - Get to know some of the "less known" Italian mountain bikes manufacturers

    2 years ago

    Italy has been known for having great engineers and equipment designers and their bicycle´s industry it is a good example. For several years Italian mountain bike brands were the only ones, besides Canada and USA, to produce high quality mountain...


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