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Yeti Found



At first, it was reported that a Yeti had been caught alive in a Russian Province, by a border patrol.

The story went that a hunter in the Jeirahsky district of the Republic of Ingushetia thought he saw what appeared to be a Bear. The Bear appeared to kill a sheep and drag it into the woods. The hunter fired a shot at the animal, causing it to rise on its hind legs and run away, the hunter fired several more shots.

Later a border patrol found an animal in a hollow. The animal was said to be alive and looks like a Gorilla, only with less powerful arms. Unlike a Gorilla or Bear it stands and runs upright like a man.

The report continued, the animal is said to roar and make strange sounds. The bizarre looking creature was said to be like nothing anyone had seen before.

The report concluded that the animal had been taken to a local zoo where it was being held awaiting specialists from Moscow to transport it.

Another Year Just Like the Rest
Another Year Just Like the Rest | Source


After officials of the Border Department of the Federal Security Bureau Directorate in the Republic of Ingushetia, rejected the report that one of their border patrols had found a mysterious animal, the truth appeared to come to light.

Apparently Bagaudin Marshani, the Minister for Labor and Social Development of Ingushetia, who is said to have started the original report, stated that he had been misinterpreted and that news agencies had not checked the facts before reporting.

Marshani went on to explain how the “creature” in question, was in fact, a life size puppet and that someone would be this “creature” for a three day period celebrating the New Year. This “Yeti” along with ten talking animals, including a Wolf and a Squirrel, will be available for children to meet during the three day New Year holiday.

This incident would indicate that 2012 will probably be yet another year of hoaxes and unverified reports by the media.

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