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Yeti and Bigfoot, Aliens!

Updated on March 1, 2013

Lost Civilization?

Scouting trip?
Scouting trip?

Everybody has heard of either the “Bigfoot” of America or “Yeti”, “Abdominal Snowman” of the Himalayas.

Why is it though, that everybody assumes that they are Apes, Neanderthals or the missing link?

In America the Hopi Indians tell of their ancestors meeting “Ant People” that lived underground. See my hub “Alien Ant People”. Also in my hub “Aliens, at Kongka La”, I speak of the possibility of an ancient or alien civilization living underground in the Himalayas.

If an underground civilization existed, it would be reasonable to assume that they would send out scouts, to the surface, to see what progress was being made, if any.

If this were the case, these scouts would be very secretive, hence the rare sightings. Why wear fur? The temperatures underground could greatly vary from those on the surface. Fur, real or imitation has been shown to be ideal in maintaining body temperature.

Why the white “Yeti” and the brown “Bigfoot”. We too would camouflage ourselves to our surroundings.

“What of the footprints?” you say. Well if I was trying to keep my identity secret, I would try to make false prints and trails, to try and confuse my pursuers. If this were the case, they are doing a good job.

You may think that this is thinking too far “outside the box” but it would explain, as to why there have been dozens of claimed sightings, yet no corpse has ever been found.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 6 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      A very imaginative and reasoned hypothesis but just like the other "theories" of bigfoot it is based on conjecture and not evidence. The evidence is substantial that there is no such creature...period. Despite all our technological advances in recent years, no specimen has ever been found dead or alive. Underground dwellings is as much a pipe dream as aliens from outer space as there is no evidence of such. But I commend you for "thinking outside the box". Hey why don't we just say they can turn invisible - that explains everything including why we have not found a dead one. Great hub though to keep the legend alive! :)

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 6 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Can never quite make up my mind on such creatures but tend to be sceptical