Wow! Not only is what I’m about to say true and easily provable; it’s also about as profound as it gets when you give it a little deep thought. If you’ve read any of my book excerpts from “Up One Level” here on Hub Pages, you already know I don’t much believe there’s a god, at least the way we perceive him or her to look like these days. The fact is, I really don’t know and neither does anyone else on the planet. However, I do lean towards believing that somewhere between 2 and 5 thousand years ago, there was present on earth, extraterrestrials that openly walked among us and taught various ancient civilizations how to do things we still don’t know how to do to this day. Our modern day world is loaded with corroborative, yet circumstantial evidence lending towards this conclusion. On the other hand, there is no circumstantial evidence let alone proof that a god exists or even that Jesus was anything more than a vacuum cleaner salesman. Just parable after parable, and scripture after scripture, much of which isn’t even believable these days let along provable and by the way, some parts of our world’s scriptures have already been proven, thanks to modern day science, not to have happened or just plain not true.

“Things we still don’t know how to do today” is the line you will need to keep right upfront in your mind if you are to grasp what I’m about to say.

Let’s pretend, sometime today I get a job offer from someone I don’t know and the starting salary is 150k a year but he never tells me that upfront. For the rest of the day I mull over the offer and eventually decide not to go and fill out the application. A negative act, as whether I got the job or not, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 150g’s a year would have been a major “positive” effecting me and my family for the rest of our lives. So that one stupid, negative act of today, proved to be a major negative for the rest of my life, my families, and potentially effecting the entire world as we know it. Who knows what I may have done with all that extra money?

OK…Here’s the real deal (pay attention). 30 years have passed, the incident has been totally forgotten by everyone and I’m still middle class all those years. If I take a close look at myself in general today, all I see now, is all I am today because I’ve lost or forgotten most of my personal knowledge from the distant past and I have no choice but to conclude I’m the cutting edge of modern day civility, technology, and human advancement in general. But I’m not am I? In reality, I’ve actually managed to stifle or halt my personal human progression haven’t I? And I don’t even know it do I? I could actually regress myself way back to the stone age with more negatives, find myself sitting on a rock chipping a stone arrowhead I think at the time is technology personified and still not have the slightest inkling of how advanced my ancestors were. I would naturally think they were all primitive and nowhere near as modern and up to date as I was.

Any number of our ancient societies may have been ages ahead of us today and compared, we are the primitive ones in reality. What we’ve discovered today through various sciences and archeology proves that ancient societies like the Egyptians knew much more of certain subjects and had abilities that we never ever imagined. You can look at this astounding bit of reality on a small, personal basis, or you can include all of humanity in your scenario. But remember all that spare money and what I could have done with it that may have affected all our futures so each of us and our daily, negative actions has the possibility of affecting the entire world at any time. Not likely, but very possible.

Now look at this regressive, negative action hypothesis in regards to World War Two. Think of all the dead people that never got the change to progress humanity. What about all the destruction of cities and achievements, works of art, ideas and other formidable effects. My God that one war must have set humanities progression back hundreds or even thousands of years. Where would we be today if it were not for that war of trillions of negatives? All we see is what we are today only a few decades after the global, negative devastation. We don’t look at ourselves as primitives today but we are as opposed to what we should and could have been or even were way back then. That’s why today we have no clue how the Pyramids and Stonehenge were built. One or a conglomerate of wrong negative acts obliterated that knowledge somewhere along the way. Hell today I may have been sitting in a stainless steel and frosted glass super office, mind blending this Hub to a sexy blond android with an adjustable cup size. See what you’ve done you idiots!

If you’re thinking that sometimes negative acts of today turn into positive results tomorrow, you’re absolutely right. That does happen from time to time but on the other hand, positive acts today can also have negative results tomorrow but they cancel each other out so remember, negative acts of today, will almost always result in bigger and better negatives tomorrow.

From now on, think before you act. Your one seemingly insignificant, negative act today has the potential to land us all in the Stone Age tomorrow.

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Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

I love this hub, "Be the best you can be every minute of every day" and "dare to" would be good things to start with.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

You got that right. Anything less than the best and we could be waiting for lightning to start a fire so we could cook I don't know, whatever cavemen eat.

myownworld profile image

myownworld 6 years ago from uk

Powerful...and full of hard hitting are all your hubs! The more I think of life...and our role in it, the more I realize the importance (and eventual consequences) of our actions...esp. those that 'impact' society rather than just one personally. I love this hub forces you to stop and think! :)

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

Tnx Mow..

I hope I got my point over, it's a hard subject to explain. It's true that anyone of us, at any time, could set humanity back hubdreds or even thousands of years and the really wierd part about it is that no one would even know it. We'd all still go about our daily lunacy thinking we were the cutting edge of civilization simply because our calander says so.

Hey! I wanted to comment on your last comment but I didn't get a chance yet. Might as well do it here. Remember when I was talking about seeing you guys on CNN and you said "no, you'd rather help someone in some back ally somewhere"? Just an observation here...helping someone in a back ally is fantastic but your not exactley the back ally type. One...You probably wouldn't live very long or worse. And Two...Your intellect and communication abilities qualifies you go to the top and work your way down if you know what I mean. Not everyone can help thousands, you can! That's not to lesson the needs of a relative few "back ally" people but there are people more suited to helping them as opposed to people like you and Tatjana that are capable of helping as many as you wish. Without the movers and shakers, the governing bodies and organizers, no one would get help including the back ally helpers. You got what it takes kid. Don't sell yourself short. Plus your pretty and you got boobs. That alone will get you in any door in the world. After that, it's up to you. Don't believe me? look at yours and Tatjana's followers here on HubPages. Now check the followers of any guy at all or any not too pretty female. See what I mean? That's not to say your Hubs arent well written. They are indeed and so are many other less endowed female and male writers with way less followers. Hey, if you got it flaunt it. In todays world you need to use all the resources you can to get the doors open and the jobs done. Listen to me will ya, I'm trying to tell you what you probably found out when you were 12. :-) Bottom line, you guys could save thousands, even millions using your assets and abilities, let the careing but un-gifted take care of the one on one. Makes sence to me...Did I ever send you that video with the 12 year old girl ripping a new backside on a United Nations meeting in Brazil? You've got to see this if I didn't send it before. Let me know...

Take care...

myownworld profile image

myownworld 6 years ago from uk

.....what can I say? you always do leave me speechless, smiling and tearing up at the same time! Yes, I saw that video.....I lived through that girl in the moment. God knows, I have wanted... longed to change the world once....I used to go and work with poor kids in in london, as a volunteer for disabled people. Am I making a difference? Do I even question what my little contribution in this vast sea of human suffering really is? I've stopped questioning. All I know is that instead of weakening, I'm my strongest most when working, reaching out...and helping in whatever way I can.

And then, my own little family...and studies...and personal struggles... juggling all, Craig I dream big still...except in action it's limited in scope...yet it's all I can manage without neglecting my children...who I feel need me the most. One day...perhaps... I'll move in with a tribe in africa and then watch YOU on cnn...making a difference that really would matter. I know I'll live my big dreams in that moment yes! Take care, and hey, we don't want a discussion starting under your hub, so just know that I know you understand.... you're just wonderful....:)

Lilith Eden profile image

Lilith Eden 5 years ago from Memphis, TN


what you have stated, I believe to be the absolute truth. We have squandered so much potential on mindless, destructive enterprises that it turns my stomach simply thinking about it. I am certain that progressive empires spanned the globe long before our own civilization tore itself from the muck of the earth. The terrifying question for me is what drove them to be eradicated, and does our path simply replicated all previous roads heading towards doom?

Our nearsightedness and refusal to acknowledge that we are not the epitome of humanity will damage us again and again until all that remains of our civilization will find itself buried beneath layers of earth, awaiting speculation by those who will unfortunately follow a similar demise.

I will end my diatribe here, solely because I won't be able to stop myself if I continue this rant. Thank you for speaking truth; it is but a mere minority who wishes to see something other than the smoke screens that have been placed before their eyes.


Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author


You ought to copywrite that last line. I could (and would have) used it a hundred times in my book "Up One level".

Not always does a disaster have to happen to eradicate a race, a way of life, or even a society. Look how Egype has changed over the centuries. They've built cities on top of cities and in a generation or two, no one even knows what's benieth their feet.

The Vikings, destined to be a major society couldn't grow enough food and eventually blended in with other societies in Europe.

And what about all the great South American cultures, Christmas Ilandanders, and the Minoans. The Minoans could have been one of those advanced cultures we spoke of, even extraterrestrial for all we know. A super volcano took out 100% of their history and just about every other tid bit of knowledge was lost in three fires that destroyed all but a few scraps at the Alaxandrian Library.

There are endless artifacts, scientific devices, and structures all over the world that absolutly corroborate the fact that we, today aren't quite as evolved as we think we are. What confuses the issue is that say, the Eqyptians did things way back then that we cannot do or even figure out with all our modern day technology. At the same time, most of their other cultural aspects were indeed primitive in respect to our world. That also applies to many other ancient cultures which is another big reason why I believe they had help back then. Their human evolution couldn't be advanced overnight but their technology in certain fields could and most certainly was.

One more observation and I'll let you get back to reality..Everytime you go somewhere new or even right this second. Look around you and contemplate your surroundings, your dwellin, and your enviornment in general. What you see is the very best of everything humanity has been able to contrive for how many thousands of years now. You know better than me. We could have done spectacular things where you and I are right now but we haven't. Why not?

Lilith Eden profile image

Lilith Eden 5 years ago from Memphis, TN


I can tell you exactly why we have not reached our potential: It is because there is a war going on for our minds, and we are losing. We are allowing major corporations and powerful persons to define what we should value and pursue in our lives, regardless of the reality of it. We are encouraged to covet worthless paper and insignificant social statuses while being shepherded through a meaningless existence.

We are not allowed to think, and for that, we will suffer.

And please, if the words in my last line (in the prior post) truly meant something to you, use them.


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