Good resources for online reading

Good resources for online reading, forward this to friends who are interested in reading.
On-Line Libraries The Internet Public Library

The Library of Congress

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Books on Line

Spirit Site: Spiritual Writings

Thinking Allowed Transcript Library

WWW Virtual Library

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

The Great Books


The Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project:
INDEX Bartleby Project: Great Books online

The Bartleby Project: Titles

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web

Malaspina Great Books,

The eBook Director

Books on the Web Virginia Tech gopher://

The Spiritwalk Library

University of Virginia e-Text Library

First Chapters on Contentville

Medical Humanities ( NYU School of Medicine)

ANU - Coombsweb Social Sciences Server

The British Library

Internet Classics Archive

On-Line Library of Literature

Electronic Bookshelf

#EB The On-Line Books Page ( University of Pennsylvania )

Universal Library (Carnegie Mellon)

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

A directory of online mythology and folklore texts Old Poets

Compleat William Shakespeare

The Essay Depot

Access to Insight Theravadan Buddhist Library

A Cherag's Library

A library of literature from and about World Religions Christian Classics (Books On-Line)

American Library Association

and lastly all the missing sites like spiritweb which are not in the web now the archive can be found at

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mehar 7 years ago

this is such a great oganization....u people r realy doing very good job...but some problem behind that..that problem not from ur's ,that is from comman people ...

Let's i expline u..if some accident are happend in some where else the people are bring their mobile and thay make a call to 108...but they are not help the people untill u may come ,they are watching like a show...please bring the awareness on people to push them to help...if i hurt u i am sorry..reaply me to ""

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