Our Turbulent Sun: Part 2

aurora borealis at Saturn's poles
aurora borealis at Saturn's poles
aurora borealis at Jupiter's poles
aurora borealis at Jupiter's poles

Nassim Haramein was explaining that in the last few months, the usually northern lights (Aurora Borealis) have been seen as far down as Mexico City! Aurora Borealis’ are the negative ions of the sun hitting our magnetic field and being expelled through the north and south poles. But now, with such intense solar flares, storms, etc, the earth is being bombarded constantly and the overload on our magnetic field is showing all the way down to the equators! Another amazing phenomenon has been picked up the satellites orbiting the planets of Jupiter and Saturn, something which has never been seen before in the history of mankind! Jupiter and Saturn are also having Aurora Borealis at their north and south poles!! Meaning that the sun’s turbulent activity is reaching far enough out into our solar system to affect the outer lying planets!!

Now, with sun being hotter than it was, he explains that the hot, dry summers we are now having over the past few years, the hot weather in Europe, North America, is not only due to the Greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect has not been enough to affect the climate, it doesn’t happen that fast. The sun’s turbulence is what’s causing the drastic climatic changes.

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