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Our Turbulent Sun : Part 3

Updated on September 22, 2016
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K.D. Martel is a writer, published author and artist working from her studio in the province of Québec, Canada.

sun just before pulsing
sun just before pulsing
sun pulsing!
sun pulsing!

Another interesting phenomenon has been observed by the satellite that has begun since the beginning of the year. This floored me when I saw the video footage taken of the sun. Also, you can find amateur videos of people noticing the same phenomenon and filming it. The sun has begun to PULSE!! After Nassim Haramein carefully studied ancient texts of Mayans, Egyptians and Incans, he found mentions of the sun “pulsing” too! Scientists have found that the sun can pulse several times during a day over a period of several days. The footage is amazing! The sun appears normal, and then flashes like a camera bulb going off!! Apparently, it releases massive amounts of radiation and heat, like a dog shaking off excess water. They theorize that the internal part of the sun gets so hot that this is the way for it to release excess energy. Just like the stars outside our system called “Pulsars”. But what are the effects of all this radiation on our planet?? They don’t know yet.

With all this pulsing going on, they have discovered a “hot spot” growing on Jupiter, near the north pole of the immense gas planet. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are immense gas giants, thousands the size of Earth orbiting the sun out in the coldness of space. This hot spot on Jupiter has been growing over the past few months and from the sensors on the orbiting satellites we have out there, the hot spot is getting hotter. The scientists know that if the hot spot gets hot enough, it will eventually ignite! Now, you can surely imagine an immense gas planet igniting…what do you think that will do and look like? Jupiter actually puts out 90% more heat than it receives from the sun. There is a special term for this which I have forgotten.

In the ancient civilizations texts, like the Mayans, they talk about the second evolution of man, after our period in time, where the earth will have two suns! Is the prophecy actually beginning? If Jupiter does one day ignite, get this, it has the same gaseous composition as the sun itself. Wow, two suns in the sky, wouldn’t that be amazing. However what would be the effects on earth? Jupiter is much farther away from us than the sun; would it be as bright as our first sun, or a bit less? Would the ignition of Jupiter touch us? Exploding first as it took the neighbouring planets and moons with it? Would it cause a chain reaction and ignite the other gas giants? Would they all combine together into a massive star and burn away the other planets, like us? I have all these questions running through my head. Nassim Haramein thinks that it would create a solar balance in our system, the sun and Jupiter at opposite ends of the solar system in perfect balance.

For part 4, click here!

© 2010 K D Martel


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