Properties of a parallelogram

A parallelogram is a 4 sided shape (quadrilateral), and can by identified by the following mathematical  properties.

Side Lengths

A parallelogram has two pairs of equal sides.


The angles opposites each other inside the parallelogram are the equal. Therefore, it has two pairs of equal angles.  

Lines of symmetry

A parallelogram has no lines of symmetry.

Rotational symmetry

The order of rotational symmetry of a parallelogram is order 2.

Basically, it looks like a slanted rectangle.

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avril laghine 4 years ago

thks for the facts....its very useful for homework's!

catman3000 profile image

catman3000 4 years ago from England, UK Author

No it doesn't have 2 lines of symmetry, your teacher is wrong. Perhaps your teacher meant rotational symmetry.

nicky 4 years ago

it has 2 lines of symmetry. Atleast,that's wot r teacher taught us...

Abby 4 years ago

Does it have 1/2 turn and 1/4 turn symmetry ??

Abby 4 years ago

Does it have 1/2 turn and 1/4 turn symmetry ??

Marlon 5 years ago

WOW! Nice thanks for help:))

Felix 5 years ago

Soooooooooooo good u did my homework for me!!!

sama 5 years ago

its great it tells you every thing

??? 5 years ago


You did ma homework for me

nunya beezness 5 years ago

no comment but tanx for da help

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