Labyrinth of Life: A Moment By Moment Series of Choices

I am now 58 years old, a proud grandma of five awesome grandchildren whose lovable and cute eldest grandchild (a girl) is now in the University in her third year Architecture Course; a mother of a young successful IT Businessman who is a father of three awesome teen-agers and a Professional daughter who is a mother of two wonderfully beautiful toddlers ages 4 and 2.

That is the initial and general evaluation of my life; when I look back to review what I had been doing over the years and to re-evaluate my decisions and choices in every given moment that I had spent in this planet, I am inclined to ask myself the question: “Is everything that had happened and that had resulted to my present situation, my own choice?”

Is my situation now a dream-come-true and the destination that I had foreseen and worked on over the years toward its fulfillment? Do I like my life now? Could I have made it better than what I have now?

What have I been doing in all the areas of my existence? Was I aware that I made the choices or decisions or did I just float and “float with the flow” in the river of life and cross my fingers to wherever my existence would land? Did I create the twists and turns of my life or did I exist in a dream-state of mind so that I found myself one day to be in the midst of a labyrinth, or was I even aware that I was trapped in a certain labyrinth? If so, how did I manage to find my way out if I did, or am I still labyrinth-hopping thus just existing rather than living as a co-creator of a meaningful life that is meant just for me?

Lots of questions, one question leads to more and more complicated ones; this is perhaps the reason why majority of mankind just exist, not caring whether they just exist in a labyrinth or not; because life is so complicated to ponder on.

People just play the game of life, win or loss, doesn’t really matter; the winners spit on losers and the losers hate the winners but “life” goes on and on and on; no need to think because thinking is tedious while it is much easier to just follow the game of the day; the issue is to play the game inside the labyrinth, the hide and seek game of existence.

Then lots of people would ask “What is the purpose of life?” or “Do you believe in the purpose of life?” or “How will we understand life?” or “Are there steps to follow in order to be happy in life?” or “What is happiness?” and so on and on and on and on…

Just like the fish inside a fisherman’s net at sea; they continue swimming and enjoying their company while having no idea that they are already entrapped in a net and that in just a few seconds or minutes they will be a delicious menu on a plate to feed hundreds or thousands of ever hungry human.

Awareness and Assertiveness are the keys

Are you serious about your life: relationships, job, money, material possessions, or anything you value, to infinity?

Of course, many would talk about success in relationships, career success, financial success, health success, spiritual success, and so forth and so on and on and on. It is easy to talk about all these; head-knowledge and statistics are easily accessible but the question remains; how do you live your life now? Are there areas in your existence that need improvement and do you have any innovative ideas?

We are talking life here and life is all we got; without it then that’s the end of the story.

Be aware and pay attention to what your self is telling you. Listen to that “still small voice” within you and listen well, it got messages in a moment by moment basis to guide you; can you hear it? It holds the keys to your freedom from this labyrinth of existence.

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Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Ericdierker ,

Thanks for dropping by and the comment. God Bless.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Ericdierker ,

Thanks for dropping by and the comment. God Bless.

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Well done. I often reflect how great my life is and then give thanks for the mistakes that go me here.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Thanks Doodlehead for reading my hub; listening to that still small voice within is in fact something that defies logic; it is something that is difficult to understand, let alone believe. But it doesn't really matter whether we understand or believe...the fact remains that there are three components of a human being...the body, the soul and the spirit...and all these need attention, to be heard.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Doodlehead profile image

Doodlehead 3 years ago from Northern California

Jynzly---wow this is a great hub. Sometimes it is really difficult to hear the little voice inside. Today I had a great day. I listened to the little voice and decided to go on instinct. I saved a ton of money by doing so.

But logic is so often in my way.

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