Catching Fire Movie and the Mockingjay Cast List and Music

Here it is!!!!!!

I know you have all been checking my articles everyday for this article. You don't have to be embarrassed, just admit it, we are all addicted to casting The Hunger Games movies. I've decided that because there aren't just tons of new characters in Catching Fire and The Mockingjay we would just combine them. We are going to start out with the district victors. I skipped the districts that didn't have names for their people. Obviously they will be extras.  If you have descriptions to add feel free to comment.

District 1

Cashmere & Gloss late 20s.Cashmere and Gloss are most likely only in their mid 20s because Katniss mentions that they won consecutive years when she was a child.  They are also siblings.

So....I was thinkin' cute would it be to actually have a real pair of sibs in these roles?  Kate and Oliver Hudson fit the bill for me.  She looks like how I imagined Glimmer only older, and in these books it seems that people from the same district seem to resemble each other.  He just looks like a fighter.

District 2

Brutus and Enobaria are district 2. Brutus is big and strong. Enobaria is said to be about 30. I imagine her looking fierce as she ripped out someones throat with her teeth in the games she won.

Brutus is a dude you do not want to mess with y'all.  So how about Ice Cube?  He is in his 40s and scary looking!  This would be a more main steam film for him and a different character than his usual.  For Enobaria I like Thandie Newton.  She was in Mission Impossible two.  I think she could be a mom and still take people out.  You know what I mean?  

District 3

Wiress (nuts) and Beetee (volts) are from district 3. They are both small in stature with ashen skin and black hair.  Wiress is younger, Katniss's mom's age. I imagine is her late 30s. She is also quiet with an intelligent voice. Beetee has glasses, fidgets a lot and is older.

This chick could be Wiress. She is supposed to be in her 30s, but I imagined her to look a little frazzled and a tiny bit older looking than her age. This is Joy Byant. I can see her looking kinda crazy. When I read about Beetee in the books all I could imagine was Spike Lee. He would just be perfect!!!

District 4

Finnick Odair is the male tribute. He will probably be the hot debate for this movie. He has sea green eyes, is tall and athletic, and has golden skin and bronze hair. He's supposed to be incredibly gorgeous. Mags, the female victor, is quite the opposite. She's 80 and has stepped in for Annie.

Eventually Finnick is going to have his very own poll. He's just that special and I know there are some great suggestions out there. For now I am going to pick Paul Walker. He has the build and the eyes. He can also come across as very cocky, but I think he also has a softer side.

Finnick choice # 2 has been added. This is a fan suggestion. I would prefer one of the other  picks because Luke Mitchell isn't quite as "gorgeous" as I imagined Finnick to be. My opinion.

Finnick #3 is from Twilight.......... I know, but he really doesn't have many lines. Kellan Lutz would make a great Finnick y'all!!!! I know we said no Twilight, but I think I will make an exception.

Finnick #4 I almost forgot about Ken Luckey!!! We don't know too much about him. I put him in the original Peeta Poll, but now I'm thinking he is more of a Finnick.

VOTE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for Mags there's just no contest. It has to be Betty White. End of story.

Finnick Poll

Which guy is the most Finnicky?!

See results without voting

District 6

All we really know is that these victors are called morphlings and are kinda freaky.  That's why I through up some Cirque Du Soleil peeps.  They look kinda freaky.

Dristric 7

Johanna Mason is the female tribute. She has spiky hair and wide set brown eyes. early 20s. I didn't really see much about her male counterpart Blight. 

How about Jessica Alba for Joanna Mason?  She has brown eyes and would still look good with short hair.  Joanna has to have some good acting skillz as well.

District 8

The tributes for 8 are Woof and Cecilia. Woof is supposed to be an crazy, older man and Cecelia is described as sweet and motherly and is about 30 years old.

Do you think it would be beneath Sir. Michael Caine to be Woof?  All he has to do is roam around and be crazy.  Cecilia could be Renee Zellweger.  She has always looked sweet and motherly to me.

District 11 Tributes

The district 11 tributes that get to party at the quell are Chaff and Seeder. Chaff 40s is tall and dark skinned. Seeder is olive skinned with black and silver streaked hair, brown eyes, and she's in her 60s but in good shape.

The only woman who is 60+ and has black hair and is in good shape would have to be Cher.  Isn't that funny?  Picturing Cher in the arena?  She has been in a ton o' movies though.  Go Cher!  I like Djimon Hounsou for Chaff.

Plutarch Heavensbee

Plutach is a pretty important role. He is now the head game maker and we find out more about him later. Even though he isn't a "bad" guy, I kind of view him as a politician, just out for himself and power. He is chubby and for some reason I imagine him to have brown hair?

Do you know who we haven't seen for a while?  Dan Aykroyd.  You know...the Ghostbuster?  He would be a great Plutarch!  I like his acting and he looks how I envisioned him.

Annie Cresta

Some of you have suggested Zooey. Here's the thing, she is older than Finnick! Now we can't have that can we? Annie has brown hair and green eyes. Oh, and she's crazy. I think Emmy Rossum with green contacts would be great! She's frail looking and could easily look a little unhinged.

President Coin

President Coin.  Is she good?  Is she evil?  Maybe just power hungry?  I like Kathy Bates for Prez. Coin.  We had talked about another woman that I had originally put as Greasy Sae, but she is in her 70s...waaaay to old for Coin.  I think Kathy has that no nonsense attitude like Coin.  You may disagree.  I'm open to any suggestions! :D

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Comments 673 comments

katniss2013 3 years ago

hey y'all i'm is think Sigourney for Coin

amanda 4 years ago

polls for mockingjay on this site:

Heather 4 years ago

Yeah- have they started casting Mockingjay yet? I love the people that are included in this list

fiyin 4 years ago

what is the cast for hunger games mockingjay and where is it filmed pls

Daniela 4 years ago

Your cast is okay... But.... Not just what, I would have been expecting. Plus there is already a cast.

karen 4 years ago

I love the hunger games... its so heart warmong

Peacelovecupcakes 4 years ago

Finnick has been cast! It's Sam Claflin from Snow White And The Huntsman and from Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Peacelovecupcakes 4 years ago

More people have been casted!

Johanna: Jena Malone

Gloss: Alan Ritchson

Chaff: Roger E. Mitchell

Brutus: Bruno Gunn

AnnaB 4 years ago

i really think that Alex Pettyfer should be finnick

profile image

StupidKarma12 4 years ago

seriously!? amanda plummer??? isn't wiress , u no , brown ? idk , but i kinda had my hopes up for wiress , also i again suggest ian sommerhalder for finnick , estelle harris for mags and zoe saldana for someone . kk bye!:P

Peacelovecupcakes 4 years ago

Just found out who some people are playing people in Catching Fire

Wiress: Amanda Plummer

Romulus Thread: Patrick St. Esprit

Mags: Lynn Cohen

Plutarch: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Enobaria: Meta Golding

BruinsFOREVER!! 4 years ago

Just me, but if they cast zac as finnick it will totally ruin the movie. Finnick is supposed to be this muscular, handsome dude who hauls around an 80 year old lady in the Hunger Games like its no problem! I dunno, but if they cast zac I'll just picture him suddenly singing "high school musical" in the middle of the arena

Peacelovecupcakes 4 years ago

Finnick: Armie Hammer or Logan Lerman ( LOL Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson had a trident in the end just like Finnick has 1! )

President Coin: Kathy Bates, Hellen Mirren


Leeann 4 years ago

I'm Sorry but I don't think any of the people you picked fit the characters except annie. I'm a huge hunger games fan an have read all the books an just don't see where any of them fit.

MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

Sorry....I just can't picture Zac as Finnick. Just my POV.

Thanks Brandi!

brandi 4 years ago

i laughed so hard i cried when i saw betty white for mags however i would love to see betty white play mags she'd be perfect :)

AlBOO 4 years ago

Id go for Paul Walker or Kellan Lutz to play as Finnick Odair cuz theres no Zac Efron

profile image

StupidKarma12 4 years ago

as much as i love to see betty white as mags , and i know its hard to cast elderly , but might i suggest Estelle Harris? she voiced Mrs potato head in toy story, and also played a lazy maid in The Sweet Life Of Zack And Cody.(Disney). i dont know , but when i think of mags i picture estelle as a tribute and fish hook in her hand...:)

profile image

StupidKarma12 4 years ago

these are all very great , i think Zoe Saldana should be enobaria or johanna , or at least wires , maybe not johanna but , cus skin colour wise and every thing . and for finnick odair i suggest Ian Sommerhalder from the vampire diaries , he's got the aditude and looks . . . Good luck trying to get all these great actors and actresses in the same room! i love hunger games.

Madz 4 years ago

i don't know if this was by accident and just wasn't noticed but In the hunger games movie they didn't Always make the cannon sound after someone died

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