Laughing your socks off through comedy

Lead characters in Only Fools and Horses
Lead characters in Only Fools and Horses

Can you really laugh your socks off through comedy. One short answer is you probably, no, definitely can. With comedy classics, you can't really get any funnier, but I must be living in a time capsule. "Only Fools and Horses", the British comedy hit sitcom, is certainly timeless because of its endless hours of hilarious, unmitigated laughter.

"Only Fools and Horses" certainly hooked you on British comedy as avenues of relief making you think that life is only about 'having a good laugh. "Yes Prime Minister" was another uproarious parody on the trials and tribulations of the match-making merry-go-around British Prime Ministerial politics and the underlying tug-of-war with the country's civil service, those elitist conservatives who hated change.

So very funny, and so very real, it was mirth, hilarity and glee. I admit I admire the writers, the script, how do they do it, I keep asking myself to write on a serious subject in a funny way. How do they do it. Making people laugh is certainly a skill you have to master.

In the comedy I was clinging to a culture through its funny mannerisms, gestures and gesticulations. The voice, tone, narrative, the quality of the script uttered and spoken with solemnness increased the hilarity and gaiety. The 1980s was a great period for British comedy, and it was not one sit-com but a whole series, that I would watch and drool over each evening as the night and winter gripped British society.

Another great funny show was Alo Alo, an outstanding British comedy about life in a French café under the German occupation during World War II. Played by British actors, in different accents, the series just induced fits and fits of giggles that made your chest ache after a while, with the expression of laughing on the floor never becoming more serious and meant.

I was a great time studying during the day, or trying to and watching television in the evening. The truth of the matter I was becoming a "couch potato"—eyes and ears glued to the television set with the comedy just rolling off the television. You literally could not keep your eyes and ears off the television set.

Another favorite at that time was Cheers about a bar in Boston, an American sitcom and the same was true. That was extremely funny as well, the script was magic, though I must admit though the earlier series were much, much better. Later on Cheers became stale.

In those days it was the comedy that acted as cultural influence rather than the books, documentaries, soaps or film. Although these were just as good. They were nice and perpetuated the "couch potato phenomenon" but it was the comedy that somehow triggered the culturally-dominated the sphere of my thinking.

I am told comedy is the hardest thing to write, but with the Brits, they have very definitely the knack!

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Ginn Navarre profile image

Ginn Navarre 5 years ago

Marwan, I too enjoyed some of the Brits comedy. I worked for a British Co for 23 years and at first did not understand their dry-humor. Yet now,it is my favorite--'A day without laughter is a day wasted." thanks

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Thanks you, I am glad you have similar tastes, we just need to laugh

Rasheed  5 years ago

Great one Dr -)

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 5 years ago from India

I enjoy British comedies too - at one time the only 'western' shows we saw on Indian television were British comedies, and we treasured them. Thanks to satellite TV we have many more options now!

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

You have excellent taste in comedies, especially on the 'Only Fools and Horses' and 'Yes Prime Minister' choices, which are two of my favourites. You would no doubt have enjoyed 'Fawlty Towers', 'Porridge' and 'One Foot in the Grave' based on your taste in comedy.

Although I have seen every episode of 'Only Fools and Horses' multiple times, I never tire of watching the constant reruns, and even young people I know only in their teens seem to love it, in spite of the fact they weren't even born when it was originally aired.

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Thanks Misty, yes I like all the comedies you mention. You are right you never get tired of seeing them again and again. Its like they are timeless.

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Most definitely 'timeless' and therefore immortal.

Yourglobalgirl profile image

Yourglobalgirl 5 years ago from UK

Only Fools And Horses is great. They really are timeless comedies.

amillar profile image

amillar 5 years ago from Scotland, UK

"Rodney you plonker!"


I liked 'Yes Minister'. Many a true word spoken in jest, Marwan.

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Yes, these fictional characters beome real people and so very true

robie2 profile image

robie2 5 years ago from Central New Jersey

I'm another Brit-com fan and thanks for the trip down memory lane. Having been transplanted several times in my life I also identify with the feeling of being " between cultures" that you so beautifully illustrate here. Thanks for another wonderful read:-)

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Cheers Robie for your comments. I always feel a sense of nostalgia for these days as if there part of me that were lost forever

Powerpoe1 profile image

Powerpoe1 5 years ago

Old Tyme Favorites!'s always good to take a walk down memory lane. Nice hub~ Voted Up & Rated Funny~

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Cheers Runda. Its early morning here in Amman. I get up open hubs and find your lovely comments--A very good start to a working day. Thanks again.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 5 years ago from South England

"lovely jubbly" Great Hub, i too loved Only Fools and Horses and have since bought the boxset. Watching it not only makes me laugh but reminds me of being sat in the frontroom watching it with my Mum and Dad when i was a little girl, and now my children watch it with me. Its a comedy that will never go out of date and can be watched time and time again. Voted up :)

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author

Its marvelous isn't it! These were the classic comedies, these were the days. You are right, these comedies are timeless. The laugh is always there.

profile image

MP50 5 years ago

Really good show. You are a plonker Rodney LOL.

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