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Southern Gospel Music

Have you heard of Southern Gospel Music? Maybe you have or maybe never, but it has retained it's popularity more than most any type of music. The timeless messages survive generation to generation. However the style varies with the times like any other music genre.

Southern Gospel has a very wide range of styles. The styles are attempted to be divided up in to different categories like quartet style, southern, progressive southern and country gospel. Some borderline the more contemporary gospel, some tend to lean toward praise and worship. There is a little variety for any taste except rock of course. I have added some videos to give you a sample of Southern Gospel Music. Let me know what you think:.)

This will take you back to the late 70's when the gospel group the Hinsons debued. They were the most popular group of 80's. Kenny Hinson was an awesome singer.

1987 The Hinsons singing " The Lighthouse"

The Hinsons

The Hinsons were the the top Gospel Music Group of the 80's. Kenny Hinson was one of the greatest singers of all time. He was offered fame in the secular venue, but he loved gospel music and chose to keep singing his passion. He passed away in his 40's he is greatly missed. Ronny Hinson is a world-renowned awarded gospel music songwriter, his music is still in high demand. I just wanted to slip a little of the old stuff now check out some of the new southern gospel artists.

The Crabb Family- They been at the Grand Ole Opry and had several #1 songs- They have now despanded and started different groups, but they were popular for a fe

Here is the Martins they are awesome!!! Joyce Martin actually sang on a demo that I co-wrote, I was so excited, she's great. The video is a little blurry.

The Gaither Vocal Band Singing At The White House " Let Freedom Ring" Totally Awesome....starts out slow, but please listen to it all.

Hilarious Christian Comedian Aaron Wilborn " If You Nose Was Runnin Money" You Got to see it:.)

Karen Peck & New River Singing " Four Days Late" This is a beautiful song.....nomatter what you are going through he will come through for you if you trust

I will conclude my Southern Gospel Music samples with the talented Isaacs singing " Heroes" This song is AWESOME

Just a note:

I hope you enjoyed a preview of Southern Gospel Music. I am a singer and songwriter and I have had the opportunity to open concerts for some was allot of fun, there is allot of energy in their concerts. I have written over 200 songs ( some of them are southern gospel). I have some songs starting to getting national attention, I am so excited what God has in-store for my own ministry. I am so unworthy, but very thankful:) 

Karen Peck & New River

The Crabb Family

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blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

Your famous in my eyes, sis!

singingmommy profile image

singingmommy 9 years ago from OKLAHOMA Author

Thanks sis, that's all that matters anyway......

brcbrown 9 years ago

You are a great singer!! I know you are not famous through out the world yet. But you are famous in Sapulpa I know!!HA!! Its a start!! I know there are so many people who love you. You and your husband have a great ministry. You should be proud.

Hope to see you soon,

Rachelle Brown

piano profile image

piano 8 years ago from Nevada, USA

Thank you for a great and valuable hub. I'm very interested in gospel music, and I am in the music business. Nevertheless, this information was new to me.

Singing Lessons profile image

Singing Lessons 8 years ago

Nice hub. Southern Gospel is beautiful. Sounds like you are on your way to fame. Good Luck!

Singing Lessons profile image

Singing Lessons 8 years ago

Nice hub. Southern Gospel is beautiful. Sounds like you are on your way to fame. Good Luck!

writemyown profile image

writemyown 8 years ago

this sounds great i to write my own songs check out some of my hubs i got a few of my videos tell me what you think? on the other side ,beauty time that not yours or mine i sing

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 8 years ago from Hermosa Beach

thanks for this beautiful hub. good luck

kishla  7 years ago

this was great wish my honey's nose was running money but i am blessed from far greater than above ........ thanks once again candace your hubs are great

namktqs profile image

namktqs 6 years ago from Viet Nam

Thank you for a great and valuable hub

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