Suddenlink Digital Cable

Suddenlink is one of the top ten cable broadband operators in the U.S. with over 1.3 million customers, both residential and commercial. The company offers television, internet and phone services but streamlines the process by supplying these services via the same connection, billing all three services on the same invoice and offering a comprehensive support service. 

Basics On Suddenlink Service

Suddenlink Digital Cable offers great entertainment in excellent digital quality images and sound, although the coverage area is limited to 19 states including Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.

Suddenlink Digital Cable has advanced services available for its customers including HDTV, digital video recording, video on demand and premium channels. Packages can be customized according to your entertainment needs and you can also get high speed internet and unlimited long distance phone services, all in the same bundle.

Packages and Pricing

Suddenlink Digital cable offers three main packages namely the Popular Bundle at $57, the Popular DVR Bundle at $68 and the Signature Bundle at $82. There are also great offers available if you wish to add internet or phone services to your bundles.

The Popular Bundle offers 120 channels broadcasting a wide range of entertainment from sports, news, movies, cooking shows, music and much more. You also get access to pay-per-view, an onscreen guide with parental control so you can block any channels by applying a rating. The package also includes all local channels and it can be installed in all the rooms of your home at no extra charge.

Next is the Suddenlink Digital Cable Popular DVR Bundle, which includes the same 120 channels as the previous package, as well as the ability to record, pause and rewind with the use of a Digital Video Recorder. This makes it easy to even record an entire series by using your on screen guide to set the DVR, which means that you’ll never have to worry about missing a show or being late again. Another advantage is that you are not obligated to sign a long term contract and there are no termination fees, either.

The Signature Bundle offers 200 channels to which you can add your choice of all the channels from HBO, Starz or Cinemax and HD at the same $82 per month. This bundle also includes a DVR, does not require a long term contract and you even get a 30 day money back guarantee. As with the previous package you also have access to parental control and an on screen programming guide.

Adding Suddenlink Internet and Home Phone

Suddenlink Digital Cable also offers great combination bundles which are highly cost-effective. For example, if you sign up for the Signature Bundle for your television entertainment, 8 Megs high speed Internet and a home phone, all for $137 per month. If you opt for the Popular DVR Bundle then you will get everything for a monthly payment of just $123.

You can also customize your own package with any of the services or bundles available from Suddenlink Digital Cable. Overall, the packages offered will provide you with a competitive channel lineup when compared to alternatives like Direct TV or DISH Network satellite television.

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