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Dish Network Turbo HD

Updated on January 2, 2016

So are you tired of those 25 worthless home shopping channels? Then DISH Network may have the solution for you. Its called Turbo HD, and it is DISH Network's latest effort to compete with DirecTV in the hi def market.

Over the past few years, DirecTV has become the leading satellite television provider in the US, mainly through their promotion of the NFL Sunday Ticket package, and recently via their strong HD lineup. While DISH Network has fallen hopelessly behind in sports programming, their new 100% HD line-up has intrigued some customers looking for more HD, and less of the junk that clogs up the cable dial.

What is Turbo HD?

DISH Network has four different levels on the Turbo HD line-up card. Here is a brief overview of what all is involved.

Turbo HD Bronze

The first and lowest price offering from Dish Network is the Turbo HD Bronze. This package has over forty channels of 100% crystal clear HD programming for $24.99 a month. Actually quite a bargain for pay television service. The bundle includes some of the most well known cable channels, including ESPN HD, USA HD, CNN HD, and the Travel Channel HD. Overall, there are 24 national HD channels, six pay-per-view HD channels, and 14 HD video-on-demand channels.

Turbo HD Silver

More is always better when it comes to your television, right? At least when its not more shopping channels. You won't find any of that here, as the Silver TurboHD package adds even more to your satellite TV setup. With th Turbo HD Silver package, you start off with everything that is in the bronze package. Add 8 more national HD channels, and you are set with Silver. Overall, the Silver package has more than fifty HD channels, and the package also includes regional sports networks like FSN and the Big Ten Network, all in HD where available. The cost on the Turbo HD Silver is $32.99 a month.

Turbo HD Gold

Finally, for $39.99 a month, you can get all of the basic cable channels that DISH Network offers in 100% HD. This bundle provides you with 55+ HD channels, including family favorites like Biography HD and the Hallmark Movie Channel in HD. Of course, it also includes everything that the Bronze and Silver packages, offer, plus 8 additional national HD channel not found in the silver package. Turbo HD Gold is $39.99 a month before taxes.

Platinum HD

Finally, if you want all of the HD possibe, the Platinum Tier is avaialble to customers subscribing to any of the other Turbo HD packages. Turbo HD Platinum is an extra $10 a month, and can be added to Bronze, Silver, or Gold. This bundle gives you seven more HD channels like NBA TV, NHL TV, Smithsonian HD, and Universal HD. These additional channels can really round out your HD experience.

What About Locals?

DISH Network is continuing to expand their local HD reach, and in most major markets, local HD is available. Obviously, if you live in one of the major markets you can already get local channels in HD. If not, you may not have to wait long, as DISH Network is continuing to expand its local HD reach with the launch of new satellites.

Premium Movie Channels

Finally, if you want commercial-free premium movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz, DISH Network can add these to any of the Turbo HD packages. Simply request your favorite, and DISH Network will give you the premium package you want - for an additional charge of course!

Turbo HD is an innovative package designed for the high definition viewer. With competitors like DIRECTV and Verizon FiOS continuing to battle Dish Network, Turbo HD offers a low priced alternative to expensive television packages.

Dish Network Turbo HD


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    • profile image

      Joe L. 7 years ago

      I have DISH programming at home, I got it when I started working for DISH. Now that I have it I couldn't go back. The amount of HD channel options is extensive. This is the place you want to be for the best HD selection avail.-Joe

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      They did by 25% and never added any channels

    • bigballer73 profile image

      bigballer73 9 years ago from Colorado


      Dish just bumped up the prices on all of the Turbo HD packages, in anticipation of more HD channels being added

    • profile image

      JTren 9 years ago

      When more HD Channels are available, will they be added to Dish Turbo HD packages? If so, will the price go up?