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Did you know the "Lost" significance of April 8th, 2015?

I, sadly, had to have it pointed out to me! But if you are or were a fan of ABC's Lost then April 8th this year was of importance! 4-8-15-16-23-42, or: 4(month) - 8(day) - 15(year) - 16(four in the afternoon) - 23(minutes after four PM, 4:23 specifically) - 42(4:23:42 to be completely precise!). Did the day inspire you to reminisce about the show? Perhaps start a series rewatch? And... of course... did any of you have exceptionally bad luck?! ;-)

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Kristen Howe says

21 months ago
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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

21 months ago
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Thief12 says

21 months ago
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    Amanda (Amanda108) 21 months ago

    One of the most satisfying, fulfilling shows I've ever seen. :-)

    Though I must say, I don't think you qualify as a "fan of ABC's Lost", LOL! But in fairness, I guess I didn't specify what I meant by the use of "were"...

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