Fun things to do with your toddler

The key to finding fun things to do with your toddler, is to find something which
challenges their mind or bodies, but isn’t so difficult that it frustrates them. At their age they tend to develop very quickly, so it’s tricky to find that balance.

Music fun

Music is a fun way to stimulate your toddler’s brain. There are a few companies who make CD especially for young children. It is OK just to listen to these songs. But it’s best when your toddler participates, by singing or dancing along to the music. They love it when you put them on your lap and bounce them while singing along.

Music toys are also great for toddlers. They spend hours playing with them and it helps their coordination and concentration.

Dancing - fun things to do with your toddler
Dancing - fun things to do with your toddler

Gardening fun with your toddler

Gardening is a great learning experience for toddlers. It teaches them, how with the right care, seeds grow into plants. I have found that they thoroughly enjoy the fresh air and working with the soil.

I recommend that you go with plants that are easy to grow. The best choices are vegetables and flowers. Because toddlers enjoy the pretty flowers and they like to eat food that they have grown themselves.

Easy to grow vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, onions, peas and tomatoes.
Easy to grow flowers: Pansies (they are great because they come out in just about every color imaginable), Daisies, Marigolds, Snapdragons, Sunflowers and Daylilies.

Learning with art

For toddlers art is all about fun and creativity. Don’t try to get your toddler to do what you think they should be doing. Just let them do what they enjoy. Your art projects can be as simple as coloring with crayons in a book. My toddler enjoys working with water based paint the best. If possible you should take painting outside as they can make quite a mess, as soon as you turn your back on them.

A toddler’s skin is more sensitive to chemicals than adults. So make sure the art supplies you use is child safe.

Day at the beach, lake or pool

Learning to be comfortable in and around water is a very important skill for toddlers. You can start them off as early at 18 months and by 3 years they should have doggy paddling mastered.

Toddlers particularly love exploring tidal pools at the beach. They love experiencing the little fish and plants that live in the tidal pools.

Toddlers are pretty sensitive to the sun, so make sure you put a hat and some baby sunscreen on them, before they go out.

In your activities with your toddler remember that toddlers learn best by doing. The more stimulation you expose them to the better their minds will develop and the better they will do once they start school.

Do you have any ideas on fun things to do with your toddler? Please leave a comment if you do.

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nice hub always doing stuff with toddler so new ideas are great. Face paintings toddlers love them

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