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Best tricycles for toddlers

Updated on November 6, 2015

You hardly ever meet someone who hasn't, at one time or another, had their own tricycle. Getting it is an important milestone in a toddler's development, because with it comes greater mobility and the ability to explore further from home.

Also in my opinion, just about all toddlers can do with the extra outdoor exercise.

There are many good tricycles on the market. In this article we will look at what makes a top tricycle and then compare the best tricycles for toddlers. Hopefully you can find one that's perfect for you and your toddler.

What makes a good tricycle?

  • Sturdy: A good tricycle doesn't break easily. Preferably it should be used by a few toddlers before you mothball it.
  • Safe: The balance on some tricycles isn't great. That means a toddler can flip one over and we don't want that.
  • Value for money
  • Your toddler's legs must be able to reach and work the pedals. Matching a toddler's body to a tricycle is tricky because they grow so fast, at that age. If your toddler can't work the pedals they can still push themselves forward, but it's not the same. Eventually they will grow into the tricycle. So, what you need to do is pay attention to the recommended age when you buy a tricycle.

So which tricycle is the best?

Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike
Ages:3-6 years
This tricycle comes in red, blue and pink. There is a nob under the seat so you can adjust the distance to the pedals. You can also adjust the handlebars with a wrench. It has a steel frame and 3 air filled tyres, all of which is durable and high quality.

The roadster is for older toddlers and more expensive than the other trikes which we will consider. But never the less, it is my best tricycle for toddlers pick.

Fisher-Price Rock, Roll 'N Ride Trike
Ages:2-5 years
This tricycle is similar to the above two. It has extra utility in that it can be pushed. The rear part can also be folded underneath the tricycle converting it into a rocking toy. However, in my experience, once they can move the tricycle on their own toddlers don't want to be pushed.

Modes - best tricycle for toddlers
Modes - best tricycle for toddlers

Best Budget Tricycle
Ages:2-5 years

The Grow-With-Me Trike has slip-resistant pedals, easy-grip handlebars and durable tires, all very important features. The seat as 3 adjustable positions for growing toddlers. The center of gravity on this tricycle is fairly low making falling over less likely.

If you enjoyed this article you might also like travel toys for toddlers and learning toys for toddlers.

Hard plastic tricycles

There tricycles are all fairly durable and considerably cheaper than the metal ones.

The next 3 tricycles are made by Fisher-Price a company with a good reputation in childrens toys.

The Diego and Barbie Tough trikes are good basic hard plastic tricycles.
Ages:2-5 years

Funny tricycle race


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      4 years ago

      My wife and I have been using Smart-Trike for our 14 month old son Noah and we all love it! It's smart touch feature allows us to easily and comfortably steer it, and the pedals allow Noah to feel like he is really steering. Definitely worth adding to the list :)


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