Top Kitchen toys for toddlers

There is nothing that toddlers like better than pretending to be grownups and doing the things that grownups do. In fact my toddler spends hours pretending to prepare food and then having little dinner parties with her toys and/or friends. I have always felt that interacting with her toys and friends was a great way for her to learn how to behave.

In this article we will review some of the best kitchen toys for toddlers.

Green Toys Cookware and Dining Set
Green toys not only makes the best cookware set, they made this whole set, in the USA from recycled material.

This is a 27 piece set which includes a stock pot with lid, a skillet, 4 bowls, 4 plates, 4 cups and 4 place settings.

The set's colors are neutral, so this play it is suitable for boys and girls.

You won't find a more durable or safe to use kitchen toy.

Kitchen toys for toddlers
Kitchen toys for toddlers

Most popular life-size kitchen set

This great kitchen set is made by Melissa and Doug a very well know and respected company, in the toddler toy industry.

It is a little more pricey than similar products, but it has many more features and is of much higher quality.

There are no sharp angles on this set, on which a stumbling toddler could hurt themselves; every wooden piece has been rounded at the corners and every faucet and knob similarly has a soft curved design. In addition all the bolts and screws are recessed. The see-through plastic in the oven and microwave are made from unbreakable plastic.

It should take you about 60 minutes to assemble this. The directions are simple and easy to understand. All that you need is a screwdriver.

This gives you an idea of the size
This gives you an idea of the size

Pretend food

All 3 of these toy sets are from Melissa and Doug and they are all made from wood.

The cutting food box is the most popular one with toddlers. They love pretending to prepare the food and then having a little meal.

I like the slicing sushi set the best. It's very cute and it has 3 types of sushi rolls with: tuna; shrimp; salmon roe and egg toppings. I am teaching my toddler to use the chop sticks.

Big hit at birthday parties
Big hit at birthday parties

Plah-Doh kitchen

This is a very clever little play set from Play-Doh. They have little food casts, in which toddlers can make their own little dishes.

There is also a garlic press with which toddlers can make bacon, string beans, toppings and a lot more. Also included is a handy little cutting tool.

I would recommend this toy for any toddler with a good imagination.

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febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

My daughter loves kitchen toys so much, great hub :)

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