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How to Have a Beach Vacation With a Toddler

Updated on January 13, 2012

Taking a beach vacation with your toddler can be great fun for both of you. Creating memories that will last you a lifetime. However things can also go terribly wrong. The key to having that great vacation is to be well prepared and organized.

Protecting your toddler from the sun
A toddler’s skin is much more sensitive to sunlight than adult skin. So you really have to go out of your way to protect them from sunburn.

Sunscreen: Adult sunscreen works with chemicals which sink into the skin and protects you from sunburn. The problem is that toddlers tend to be allergic to these chemicals and they don’t offer enough protection for toddlers.

Fortunately they make baby sunscreen, which sits on top of the skin and doesn’t sink into it. If you check on the bottle you will see that the active ingredient is either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Also it’s much whiter, once you apply it, than normal sunscreen.

Get them with the sunscreen before you arrive at the beach, once there it will be harder to get them to sit still.

Safety tip: If you think your toddler might be allergic to a new brand of sunscreen apply a bit to the under part of their arm, before bed. If they have a rash there the next day, you know they are allergic.

Also get your toddler a big floppy hat with a chin strap and some sunglasses. They make great toddler sunglasses which won’t fall off as a toddler plays on the beach and in the tidal pools.

Umbrella or Tent: Many beaches have no cover from the sun at all. Bringing a nice big umbrella along, it will give you somewhere to hide from the sun, if you start to feel the heat.

Remember that to keep your toddler happy, you should still stick to their nap routine. Have them lie down on a towel under the umbrella and keep their sleep cycle intact otherwise they will become difficult.

If you enjoyed beach vacation with toddler why not read outside toys for toddlers or best double stroller for toddlers.

Beach vacation with toddler
Beach vacation with toddler


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