Promoting Family Welfare by Regularly Doing One's Functions and Duties


It has often been said that life is a stage where everyone has roles to play. This is very true in the family where the father, the mother, and each child have each a part to perform.

The following are the functions and duties of every member of the family:

Father - the head of the family

•        He is usually the provider or financier of the family.

•        He is the disciplinarian.

•        He is the spiritual head of the home.

•        He protects the family.

•        He sets a good example and plays as a role model of the children.

Mother - the light and guide of the farnily, the strength of the husband, the inspira­tion of the children.

•        She takes care of the household such as cleaning the house, budgeting and pre­paring meals for the family, washing the clothes and the dishes, etc.

•        She comforts the family members when they get ill.

•        She takes care of the children and teach them good values.

•        She is the one who patiently disciplines the children.

Children - fruits of parents' love for each other.

•        The inspiration of the parents

•        Help in doing household chores.

•        Study hard and strive to do their best all the time.

•        Obey, love and respect their parents.

When every family member does his or her part to promote the family's welfare, the family will have a strong, healthy and harmonious relationship.

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