The Joy of Your First Bra

Young Joys of Being a Girl

I am sure a lot of you fellow women out there will agree with me on this one. There is nothing more exciting than growing up from a little girl to a young lady!! Well at least it is exciting at first but after a little while you discover its not all its cracked up to be.

About two months ago I was shopping in Walmart with my daughter. We had to get new jogging pants because she outgrew her old ones and I needed to by her some undershirts because the cold weather was fast approaching. We get the jogging pants and head to the undergarment aisle so I could begin my search for the best deal. As I am standing there looking at every pack of undershirts trying to find the pack with the most in for the least amount of money my daughter is searching for a bra. Totally oblivious to her I finally find the pack we are going to purchase. As I turn around to show her she decides to surprise me. There it is, a three pack of bras looking me right in the face. My first reaction is to panic...I ask her what she is doing. Her reply is "I think it is time I start wearing these". I am in mommy mode, she is only in 4th grade and in my opinion not in need of any bras. So I ask her what she needs them for just to hear her say "So I can be classy". Classy, what does a 9 year old know about being classy, doesn't she know that most of her behaviors and bad habits are anything but classy!! So still trying to hold my ground I blurt out that she is too young and girls her age need not be wearing any bras!! But she pulled the famous card on me "Every girl in my class is wearing them except me and my one friend, and she can't get a bra until we are all wearing them". In my head I am really thinking if she could possibly be serious, EVERYONE is wearing them, I know how many times I played that card on my mom just to hear her say "Well it sucks to be my kid, don't it?". So I ended up putting my little girl undershirts with the pink bows on the front back up on the shelf and then beginning to sort through the bras for the correct size for my daughter. It is extremely hard to find the correct size for nothing!! :) We find what we need, pay for our stuff, and head home where the fun gets even better.

When we get through the front door she could hardly wait to put on one of her new bras. But she asks in such a way that was priceless. Instead of just asking to wear it now she says, "Can I wear one for a little while tonight to get use to it, you know mom, I don't want to be like pulling at my bra all day tomorrow at school." I know like you don't want to be like pulling at it, I said to myself in my head. So there she was, we left the house a little girl and came back a tween girl trying to grow up a little bit faster. How depressing for me, my little girl is not so little anymore!!

The Secrets We Keep from Our Daughters

The first bra excitement does not last very long.  Think of how long you wait to have your first bra, your first stick of deodorant, shaving your legs, and the list goes on and on...  Now think of how much you can't stand to do half of that stuff anymore.  When your grown and you have kids and there is no time to shave your legs you then realize how stupid it really is!!  And for the wearing of the bra, or the torture device of doom, why did we even look forward to that.  One day you wear a bra and then you are stuck with it for life, always there and always torturing you in one way or another.  I guess to let them find out for themselves is a mom's sweet revenge for the torture we endure raising them.

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drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

That's a special moment. Getting and wearing your very first bra. Too bad the excitement doesn't last. But then, that's life!

erthfrend profile image

erthfrend 6 years ago from Florida

Oh my gosh, the memories you brought back for me! What a cute hub this was, you brought me back to those exciting times and you're right, they're not so exciting anymore!! Now I get to look forward to all that with my daughter...well I do have several years left though which I know will fly by fast!

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

drbj--Special moments indeed that does not last a lifetime!! Well wearing it is for life but the excitement is short lived!! :)

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

erthfrend--Thanks for commenting, I am glad I was able to remind you of your excitement and I am sure it was short lived again!! lol You are lucky though to get to relive it again with daughter!!!

profile image

redbearmamma40 6 years ago

my girls arent looking forward to their 1st bra,its uncomfortable its itchy , and if they are like me the straps keep falling down, what a bummer,lol

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

redbearmamma40--Well then I guess they have the right idea and shouldn't be to disappointed when it doesn't turn out to be all it is cracked up to be. You would think after all these years there would be the most comfortable bra!!! Not just the bras that are comfortable until washed a few times, then they never again seem to fit right. Maybe it is just a money gimmick, poorly made bras that have to be purchased nonstop!!! lol

profile image

momaimee3 6 years ago

I bought my oldest daughter her first bra about a yr ago she was only 10 yrs old and I cried it was the hardest thing to do. I had to relize that my baby was no longer a baby but a young lady. Now my 8 yr old daughter needs a bra and I have been putting it of for a few months now she is my youngest and I am not ready to let her grow up yet. We will have to get her one real soon I am afraid. They cant stay little girls for ever.

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

momaimee--Little girls do grow up way to fast!!! She is my only daughter, I have 3 boys but it seems she is growing up quicker than the rest of them. (I guess it is true girls mature faster than boys) I do wish that I can turn back the clock sometimes. Thanks for commenting!!

Kari Winchester profile image

Kari Winchester 5 years ago from Ontario, California

Ah, we just hit this stage at our home! Missing those baby days more and more! Very relatable writing, well written, and reader accessible. Voted up!

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Kari Winchester - Thanks for stopping by. I miss those baby days more and more too. But back then I couldn't wait for the kids to get bigger because I thought things would be easier... Needless to say, I was wrong! Good Luck with everything and thanks again!!!

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