Why Children Should Read More

What They Don't Realize

To a child, reading may seem boring. But what children are incapable of realizing, is that the personal gain from reading is immeasurable. Time spent reading reaps numerous rewards, from higher test scores in school to more success with employment as an adult.

As children become readers, they accomplish more in every subject area in school; better grades become more attainable. Reading leads to acquiring a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Reading improves performance in some less obvious ways too. I once read an article about a study that found that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. Intelligence is increased by reading, allowing readers to become more rational, more responsible, and better thinkers. Reading ability will enable children to make better decisions throughout their lives, and have a clearer understanding and acceptance of other cultures.

Long Term Benefits

Long term benefits can also be described with bibliotherapy, including recreational benefits, social connectedness, and psychological advancements. "Bibliotherapy is an expressive therapy that uses an individual's relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy. Bibliotherapy is often combined with writing therapy. Bibliotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of depression. These results have been shown to be long lasting."-Wikipedia

When children are actively engaged in reading, they are focused and interested in subject matter that they want to know more about. While many adults try to control a child’s reading choices, it is only natural for children to choose reading material that is interesting to them. Even if not matched to their reading level, it is beneficial. An active, engaged reader is always better than a nonreader.

We Are Responsible

It is important to read to improve our quality of life in other ways as well. The ability to read and comprehend material will allow understanding and the ability to function successfully within an environment. Print surrounds us in every facet of life. Throughout our lives, we will need to have the ability to read in order to gain financial well-being, to enable us to live safely, and to arm ourselves with knowledge when presented with healthcare concerns as we age. This is an awful lot of information for a child to comprehend. That is why we as parents, teachers, and role models, are responsible for motivating and encouraging our children to read.

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Steve 4 years ago

Bibliotherapy arises out of the natural ability of fiction to cause us to identify with a character whose viewpoint the author is treating us to. The lessons that character learns become the lessons the young reader learns.

Very powerful!


zach 3 years ago

who is the author of this article?

Rosie writes profile image

Rosie writes 21 months ago from Virginia Author

I am the author - Rosie writes. Thanks for reading Zach.

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