3D Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Do you know where to find 3D birthday cakes in Singapore? Yes, 3D cake aka 3 dimensional object that’s a cake. Think a bamboo steamer of fat succulent “har gao” dumplings with translucent skin. It’s a cake! Totally edible! Let me share more with you.

It seems that I am officially named the Dessert Queen of the gang. My role comprises of suggesting after-dinner desserts or drinks and of course, getting birthday cakes. After the previous successful round of customized halal birthday cupcakes, I was rearing for another challenge. Should I go for more cupcakes? Maybe bake some flourless almond chocolate cupcakes on my own? Nah.. I’m still in a show-off mood on what other creative birthday ideas I can trawl from the internet.

I actually found 3D cakes in Singapore. Wow! Imagine a 3D birthday cake! This should impress the socks off everyone!


Where to Order Special 3D Birthday Cakes in Singapore

At the online bakery, Yiling Confectionary offers a mind-boggling range of special cake designs and 3D birthday cake designs in the unbelievable forms of a hamburger, sushi bento set and even a majong set! The entire special cake design catalogue caters to every request from baby’s full month cake, birthday cakes for children to birthday cakes for adults (ahem, notably with naughty adult “content”).


3D Birthday Cakes Price and Delivery

For our gang of 8 people, the 3D birthday cake that I chose was a 1.1kg udon cake (design ID: UD415). It even comes complete with “Japanese fishcake” and “hard boil eggs”! The udon cake is priced quite reasonably at S$50. This hits the minimum purchase of S$45 for free birthday cake delivery in Singapore. Cake orders can be done via online shopping cart or via phone. So convenient. Let your fingers do the walking!

Yiling Confectionary is featured widely for their creative 3D birthday cakes in Singapore TV. You absolutely have to try them for yourselves.

Get ready to be awed!

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globalcoffeegrind profile image

globalcoffeegrind 7 years ago

These sound really wacky! I wish I could see some pictures! :)

Jonathan 5 years ago

See Montreux cakes as well. They have some awesome designs too.


Fitri Nabilah 2 years ago

Hi. Beyla here. Im just wondering if you can make a motorcycle birthday cake design for my boyfriend? Do hit me back. Thanks

Do hit me back at iinsaneGirl@gmail.com or fit.beyla@gmail.com

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