Deserts recipes: Making home-made marshmallows is not very hard!

Delicious chocolate marshmallow

Do you know what is the history of marshmallows?

 I wasn't surprised when I knew that Marshmallow candy originated in ancient Egypt. It was a honey candy that was flavored and thickened with Marsh-Mallow plant sap. "source:". I think all foods that might add weight in the whole world is origenated in Egypt. Egyptian people like delicious food and add a special flavour to every thing they cook. We have many feasts here in Egypt, and people here celebrate, every body celebrates here in Christian feasts, Islamic feasts or ancient Egyptian feasts. I think this nation always fitch for any thing to make them happy and happiness is always linked with food to them.


What you need for marshmellows is very simple!

You need gelatin, granulated sugar, honey, natural salt, vanilla extract, corn starch and powdered sugar. All are things found in every kitchen you just need to know how to use them to get marshmallows out of them.

  • You need to get a medium sized glass bowl to mix half a cup of corn starch and powdered sugar.
  • In another large bowl cut dry gelatin "around 25 g" and soak in 1/2 a cup of cold water.
  • In a metal pan combine  1 cup of water, 1/2 tbsp vanilla sugar, 4 tbsp honey, 4 cups granulated sugar and little amount of salt. Bring to rolling boil and cook, stirring occasionally till it reaches the firm ball stage.
  • pour the hot mixture into the bowl with gelatin and water.
  • Mix carefully with a hand mixer on low speed. "be very careful, your hair might catch some"
  • Keep mixing until it's thoroughly combined. 
  • Put the mixer on high speed and keep mixing till you get a fluffy mixture "this might take around 10 minutes or a bit more"
  • "I forgot to tell you that you need to grease a tray and dust it with starch"
  • Now pour into the prepared tray.
  • Leave it to cool down for at least 5 hours.
  • Dust a cutting board with corn starch and powdered sugar and place the marshmallow sheet and cut into small pieces.
  • You can decorate with yummy molten chocolate (melt it in a water bath adding 5 ml milk to each 20 g of raw chocolate)

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tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 5 years ago from Yorkshire

a nice sticky hub, useful too for when the kids are on holiday

cheers Tony

kafsoa profile image

kafsoa 5 years ago Author

Yes, making marshmallows is a big fun :)

profile image

THAT Mary Ann 5 years ago

My husband (of 45 years...we'll call him A) ADORES marshmallows..and the great ones from Whole Foods cost a patrimony. So thanks for this, rated UP and Awesome.

kafsoa profile image

kafsoa 5 years ago Author

Thanks Mary, yes marshmallows cost too much when you buy them although they don't cost that much when we make them.

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