The Hospitality Guru (cooking) Back to Basics: Making a White Stock


To produce a good quality stock, there are a series of set procedures you must follow. The procedure for making a white stock is outlined below. Take careful note of the specific reason for some of the steps in the procedure.

1. Place bones in stockpot – cut, wash or blanch first if necessary.

  • The marrow from shin bones should be removed and reserved for other uses. If the marrow is left in the bones it can cause the stock to go cloudy.

2. Add the appropriate ratio of cold water.

  • Always start a stock in cold water as this speeds up the extraction of flavour and gives the stock greater strength. Starting in hot water seals the bones and delays the flavour extraction process.

3. Bring the stock to the boil

4. Turn temperature down so that the stock simmers at 98C degrees.

  • Slow gentle simmering extracts the flavours from the ingredients and produces a clear, well-flavoured stock.

5. Skim the stock

  • Stocks are skimmed regularly to remove fat and impurities which, if left, cause the stock to go cloudy. Skimming also helps the stock retain a clean flavour.

6. Add mirepoix and other appropriate flavouring ingredients.

7. Simmer stock for the recommended time and skim regularly.

8. When the extraction process is complete, strain the stock carefully by ladling or pouring it through a filter paper or fine conical strainer. If a stock is not strong enough after straining, it may be reduced until the required strength is achieved.

9. Cover the finished stock with a cartouche, label and date.

10. Cool and refrigerate stock if not required immediately.

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Nur 2 years ago

Hi,I normally buy chili podwer from the Asian market. The ratio of chili podwer and oil is 1:5. If we use 1 tablespoon chili podwer, heat up 5 tablespoons oil till it smokes. Let it cool off for a few minutes before pouring into chili podwer. Hope it helps.Regards,Ling

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