How to make A delicious Thai dessert "Bua Loi Phuak (Taro balls) with young coconut meat"

One day after finished cooking class at "Suan Dusit International Culinary School". I decided to bring some "Bualoy taro with young coconut meat" to my friend. Actually, she did not like this dessert but she wanted to try because of it was the thing that I made. After that day, she always asked me that when will I make this dessert again. She liked it very much but I was so busy with school and work that she had to wait a long time for me to make it again.

Finally I had time on Wednesday last week. Therefore, all my friends were very happy and I was the most happiness.


Taro cooked minced 200 grams (** How to Prepare mashed taro).

Raw taro, cut small dice 50 grams (or amount to taste).

Glutinous rice flour 50 grams.

200 ml coconut milk mix with 200 ml young coconut juice.

Sugar 90 grams

Salt 1 / 2 tsp.

2 pandan leaves.

A young coconut ball

Chop the top of the lid.

Maintain a separate coconut juice 200 ml.

Yong coconut meat

Cut the brown out.

Cut into thin

Enter the container and set aside.

How to Prepare mashed taro

Peeled, cut into pieces to steam

Mashed taro and mixed with glutinous rice flour

Cut taro in to small piece and boil until well done and set aside

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1 Put the glutinous-rice flour in a bowl.

2 Add the mashed taro and knead to a soft dough(You should added warm water enough to make a soft dough that held together).

3 Knead well.

4 Roll into little balls and set aside.

5. Bring Taro balls to a boil until well done and put into cold water and set aside.

6. Bring a small piece of raw taro to a boil until well done and set aside.

5 Dissolve the sugar and salt in the coconut milk which mix young coconut juice over low heat, stirring constantly.

6 Add the well done taro balls,well done small piece of taro and young coconut meat.

7 When they are cooked through, remove from the heat.

8 Serve hot.

You can also change from taro balls to other color.

For example :

· Yellow from pumpkin.
· Green from pandan juice.
· Blue from butterfly pea flower juice.
· Orange from carrots.

Hope you can enjoy with this recipe. ^_^

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megangucci 6 years ago

good post, i do appreciate it. thank you!

Ladda Boonmee profile image

Ladda Boonmee 6 years ago from Thailand Author

Thank you for your comment. I will share more Thai dessert recipes :)

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