Which is better the Assualt or Support strike package on Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 ( MW3 )


In this hub i will compare the assault and support strike system in call of duty modern warfare 3. Giving the benefits of each, and the negatives of each.

Below i will show the links to my hubs that go in good detail each of the types of strike systems so i can skip right to the detail of comparing and contrasting them, and not going in detail what each one is.

Also.. I am on the Xbox Live network, for those of you who continue to ask, my gamer tag is Agent Johnr. I tend to not add new members from here unless I play with you first, and I only play hardcore domination, or Infected, but either way if you see me on, feel free to send a shout out.

The comparison

So here i will compare and contrast the two types of kill streak packages.

Benefits of the assault strike package.

- First off this package is designed to get you more kills.
- It will also allow you to raise your Kill to death ratio higher
- will efficiently take out the other team, so that will overall help your team
- Your killstreaks will help towards your higher killstreaks

Negatives of the assault strike package.

- Requires a higher skill level to achieve the higher kill streaks
- Tend to be for more self gaining, and typically not used to help your team ( please remember i said typically, these are used for self profit not team help )

Benefits of the support strike package.

- Greatly helps your team.
- Allows those who die a lot to get kill streaks
- does have some kill-able kill streaks (stealth bomber, remote turret, juggernaut suit, escort airdrop)
- Does not reset when you die

Negatives of the support strike system.

- Typically this setup will not get you more kills
- may help the team, but does not help you as much as assault package

Which is Better?

So now that i listed a few of the pros and cons of each lets talk about which will better suit you.

If you are a so called expert in the Call Of Duty online play, then you may find the assault strike package setup will better suit you. If you tend to die a lot, and wanna help the team, more than simply help yourself, then you may find the support system may better suit your gamestyle needs

Also depending on which type of games you play, you may find that certain packages may be better. If you are playing team deathmatch, then the goal is first team to 75 kills. This means that you should focus more on support to get the UAV's and advanced UAV's up to help your team.On the other hand, you may find it is better to get that attack helicopter in order to take more enemy troops out to help your team.

If you are playing game types that are objective based, then your team may not necessarily need to know where the enemy is at all times, and may need to take the enemy troops out so that you can capture objectives. In this case obviously using the Assault setup will work better, and suit your team better.

You should also look at your personal preference. If you enjoy controlling Predator Missiles coming in, and enjoy working hard for your killstreaks then take pride in using the assault setup. But for those of you who know they like to focus more on winning the game, and less on personal statistics then the Support setup might be for you.

Personally i like the Assault setup more. I like being able to focus on taking out the enemy as best i can, to try and help my team. On the other hand there is a time when i do use the support class. As far as YOU go though..... i will leave this part up to you. You can take my info that i have placed here, read through the guides that go more specifically into the assault and support strike packages, and choose for yourself. Just remember that overall you should focus on what best suits you as a whole, and that eventually you will find what works best for you.

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SEAL 4 years ago


COD sLaYeR 4 years ago

THNX.... This helped alot ?

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Thanks for commenting, and glad it helped.. :)

Wraith 4 years ago

Usually I have different class types set up with different strike packages. I usually have assault on my assault rifle classes (since the focus on those is mid-range to long(-ish) range, and support on my SMG and LMG classes (and shotgun too sometimes) since I'm not very good at rushing and if you get caught off-guard with an LMG you're pretty much toast. On my shotgun, riot shield, and sniper classes, I usually use specialist, because I usually NEED (frequently very badly) the extra perks on the shotgun and riot shield classes, and if I'm sniping, I don't want to get distracted by calling in killstreaks and get caught with my pants down. Plus, having sleight of hand, blind eye (pro especially), and scavenger (especially pro) helps a lot with the low ammo count and slow reload on the snipers.

Wraith 4 years ago

Well, I really must revise my previous statement a bit... I have discovered the joys of using the Assault Package on a sniper class. That was how I earned my first killstreak (not care package) Pavelow, Strafe Run, AC130, Assault Drone, and my second (non-care package) Reaper. Using the Assault Package let me set my killstreak record at 17 (breaking my Specialist record of 16). I usually only use Specialist when I'm using the AS50 because it has SUCH LOW AMMO!!! Thank GOD for Scavenger Pro...

Wraith 4 years ago

Okay, well, MW3's method of counting your killstreak is stupid. Say you go assault package with attack chopper, strafe run, and pavelow. Any kills you get with the pavelow DON'T register for your killstreak record. I went 22-0 one match, and my killstreak record stayed at only 17. WTF.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yah I agree 100 percent. I do really enjoy how they changed things on Black Ops 2.

Wraith 4 years ago

Well, since I haven't really looked closely into how the scorestreaks work, I think CoD4 and World at War had the best killstreak record track method. On a 32 player Crossfire server in CoD4, an airstrike in the right spot can get more than 5 kills... with the first bomb. Airstike + airstrike + chopper = LONG killstreak. I remember back when my brothers and I played the Wii version of CoD4, we used to use a tactic we called "chopper whoring." Basically, earn a chopper, kill yourself, call in the chopper, call in the airstrike when it earns it, wait until that earns you another chopper, and repeat. I think my younger brother called in 4 or 5 choppers in 1 TDM match... once he put his first one in the air, NOBODY else managed to call in theirs. XD

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

HAHA yes chopper whoring worked very nicely on the Xbox 360 version. Me and my team would do this over and over again haha.

Wraith 4 years ago

I asked my brother, and I was incorrect. He went 80 and 8 in domination. I *vaguely* remember because I watched him playing (that match was at least 3 years ago).

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

WOW.. that's still a lot.. I played with someone the other day on Capture the Flag hardcore on Black Ops 2, and they had 150 kills.. BUT the last overall lasted about 35 minutes so its understandable.

Wraith 4 years ago

Well, I don't have BO2 yet, but the longest standard match I've played in MW3 was a 15 minute long Sabotage match on Seatown (which my bomb plant won :D).

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

HAHA, yes the games are longer for the most part on BO2 depending on the map.. The maps are love/hate, but at least I don't look at them and say that this is a map from another COD game just with different scenery.

Wraith 3 years ago

I have a hate/hate relationship with a lot of maps. . . But there are a few I usually/almost always enjoy. They usually have a lot of long lines of sight. :D

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I got sick of the MW3 maps when Black Ops 2 came out, but now as i do with all COD games, I have begun to miss some of the maps, and look forward to going back and playing some of the older maps.

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