Best Support Champions In League of Legends

Support is a very important role in League of Legends and a great support player can make the difference in a close match. They key to playing support is to aid you team and protecting the carries in team fights.

Main Function
Early Aggresion
Alistar, Taric
Early Aggression
Lulu, Leona
Late Game Sustain
Leona, Alistar, Lulu
Early Aggression
Late Game
Early Aggresion
Alistar, Leona, Taric
Alistar, Taric, Nunu
Early Agression
Leona, Lulu
Leona, Alistar, Taric


I say this with bias but I think Janna is one of the best supports in the game. I say this because she has so much potential but most people fail to use her properly. Regardless she is strong in most team comps and has the best peeling ability in the game.

  • Make sure you are able to use Janna's shield properly. If you are unable to use it you are far less effective
  • Use tank runes so you are able to survive. The problem for many new support players is they die to often so you want to make sure that you do everything you can to stay alive.


Lulu is a great champions and she brings a lot to the table in team fights. As far as the laning phase goes she has great poke and can wear down the enemies is they don't have heals or life steal.

  • Like Janna, Lulu is very squishy and relies on a shield to be effective. Make sure you are trading properly and not taking free damage. Taking free damage on a support like this is a death wish.
  • Use Lulu's W correctly. If you are chasing use it on friendly champions and if you need peel use it on an enemy


One of the best supports in the game. Sona is just really good at poking which makes her laning phase phenomenal. That being said she does seem to lose some power in the later stages of the game but her ultimate makes up for it. Area of effect stuns like Sona's are not very common and that is because of how powerful they are.

  • Sona is very squishy so you have to build tank items as fast as you possibly can. Positioning can be tough but it makes the difference between a good and bad Sona.
  • Make sure you land your ults and land them on multiple targets. This can make or break a team fight.


Soraka is great at giving resources to your carry champions and the armor buff provides protection. Soraka is, however, very vulnerable to early game aggression especially when her heal is on cooldown. A lot of people think she is the easiest support to play, but she can be very hard if you don't when to heal.

  • Soraka is very hard to play. You have to make sure you stay in the right position and not die.


One of Taric's strongest qualities is his armor buff. One of his spells gives armor to all near by champions and is very powerful especially bot lane against an ad carry. This buff makes it very hard to trade and makes everyone on the team a little more tanky. Also, his burst is very strong and he has a lot of killing potential.

  • Taric is great because he is a natural tank which make it hard for enemies to kill you and less forgiving if they focus you.
  • Only stun when you are sure your ad can follow up. If you waste your stun you are vulnerable to get engaged on and lose a trade or even die.


Alistar is very strong because his crowd control is very powerful. He can use is abilities to set up kills in the laning phase and then transition to using his abilities to protect his carries. He can be used as a jungler but is also a very strong support as well.

  • If you are new to Alistar do not try to combo. It is very hard to use and is unforgiving if you fail it.
  • Try to use walls to headbutt against and then pulverize.


Nunu is one of the best supports in the business because he does everything a support is supposed to do while providing a massive attack speed buff to anyone on the team. Nunu has a great slow that also slows attack speed. All this skills are great but one of the best tools Nunu has is an ultimate with such a high base damage you do not need ability power to make it do an insane amount of damage.

  • Save your ultimate for when you get engaged on. It is far more effective to use it when they get aggressive on you because it makes it harder for them to escape and easier for you to get a longer channel.


Blitz has one of the highest base defensive stats in the game making him tanky from the get go. Also his grab has the potential to make plays and sway the course of a game.

  • Make sure you can land your hooks.
  • Movement speed is great on blitz because you can get in a good spot to try and hook. If you find yourself getting raged at a lot you might want to practice more before using blitz.

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Critical Hit 3 years ago

How can Alistar have leona as a counter, if ali is leonas counter as well? How does that work?

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

Leona can be stopped from diving with Alistar's headbutt, but Alistar is also countered by champions that can combat his aggression with cc.

Adam 3 years ago

what about galio?

profile image

pickpointz1 3 years ago

Love this post, and also love Moomin!

Guy 3 years ago

morgana imo

Pointer 3 years ago

Can you please explain ''Peel'' and ''Peeling''

3 years ago

Peeling is when a support or any champion for that matter slows, stuns, or otherwise stops an enemy champion from killing you, your adc (while still in laning phase) or a near by ally. thus not feeding or giving away kills. peeling is a skill everyone needs no matter what role you are, your not always gonna have a support by your side the whole game

Toxic 2 years ago


red hyphen 2 years ago

Nice article.

I'll add that Nami counters Janna. If Janna uses her ult while the jungle ganks, Nami can summon her tsunami to help her teammates recover the priority to gank.

SimilarSam profile image

SimilarSam 2 years ago from Australia

Really helpful table and overview of supports.

Necris 2 years ago

I don't see Morgana here and she's the oppest champ right now, is this list up to date ?

John 2 years ago

Sure, what about Braum?

Tex 24 months ago

You can see they didn't update Soraka, which happened ages ago, so it's a very old list.

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