Coma Walkthrough: Tips and Guides For The Online Game Coma

The online platforming adventure game "Coma" is a beautiful, touching adventure that takes place in a haunting world filled with surreal beauty and danger. Players control the young Jake as he searches for his missing sister. Players will run, jump, and solve puzzles while experiencing this foreign but uncomfortably familiar landscape.

If you're in need of help playing Coma, read this helpful Coma Walkthrough to learn more .This walk through of Coma will help anyone complete the game in no time.

Coma Guide

  1. You'll begin the game in a stuffy mansion.  To your left is a piano.  Head to your right through the dining room.
  2. Continue past the dining room and up the stairs until you exit the mansion.
  3. You'll encounter a bird in a cage.  He will explain to you what your father has done. Free him.
  4. Head right and speak with the farmer.  The farmer will ask you to clear out the clog in the drains up ahead.
  5. Continue right until you come across a cliff by a house.  Use the two electrical boxes attached to the home to jump up onto the pulley system jutting off of the cliff face.  Continue walking to the right.
  6. Speak with the girl and continue onwards.
  7. Jump on top of the stone archway. Then jump onto of the large stone in front of you to proceed.
  8. Speak with the boy swinging. Continue to the right.
  9. Drop into the metal pipe on the ground.  Continue under the hill until you talk to the black blob. He will explain that he needs to be popped to clear the drain.
  10. Head left all the way back to the farmer.  He will slowly lower his fishing hook.  Jump up so your bird can grab it.

Coma Walkthrough (cont)

  1. Take the fishing hook back to the black blob in the drain. Use it to puncture him.
  2. With the blob deflated, you can head to the end of the chute. Walk all the way to the back to drop down into the area called "The Silver Chute." Head to the bottom of the screen and to the left.
  3. In the next room, you will encounter a swinging light. Time your jump so you can grab it and head to the left.
  4. You will encounter a room full of plant growth. Hold up to jump in the middle and you will quickly climb to the top. Head to the left.
  5. Fall all the way down in the next room and head left.
  6. In this room, enter the worm's mouth and continue. Jump in the pulsating eye to continue.
  7. You will be returned to the fields. Grab the small, orange ball and head back to the silver pipe.
  8. Instead of falling down the chute, jump up and out the opening. Climb up the planks to the right.
  9. Grab the bulb and swing across chasm and head to the right.
  10. The bird will speak backwards to you. Click through the conversation and head right.
  11. Jump on one platform. Wait for it to rise just a little bit and run to the right. Jump onto the next one and do the same. Continue to the other side.
  12. Walk further right. You will encounter a musician playing a song. Recall the notes he plays "D E B A B." Continue to the right.
  13. Jump on the trampoline and hold up. You will bounce higher and higher. Once you have gone two screens high you will be able to move to the left onto a ledge. It is best to wait until your character bounces so high he is off the top of the screen.
  14. Speak with mother Gomgossa and return to the ground. Head all the way back and go through the silver chute. Head through the worm and return to the fields.
  15. Once back in the fields, walk to the right to speak with the boy swinging on low hanging fruits.

Coma Walk Through And Tips (cont)

  1. The boy will give you special seeds. You can now jump extremely high.
  2. Head left to the bridge where the farmer was fishing.  Jump back up on the pier and return to the mansion.
  3. Inside the mansion, head to the piano.  Play the tune you heard outside, D E B A B.  This will open up a shining trapdoor. Head into it.
  4. In this new room there are two switches.  One is floor level all the way against the wall on the left.  The other is directly above the hanging light.  Hit both of them to open up a secret passageway leading down.
  5. Fall down into the passageway and head right.  Cross the bridge and hit the switch on the far right.  Return to the left and the bridge will collapse beneath you.
  6. Hit the switch on the top of the rocks, in between the two pink gelatinous masses.  Fall through to the final room.
  7. In the final room you will see a ship and a blinking yellow light.  Jump on the red berry to vault yourself onto the light and win the game!

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Comments 35 comments

Eena wanna 6 years ago

Hello :) think that this walk-through was helpful, but I didn't get very far, as I didn't understand how to grab the light in the underground room place :S

Is 6 years ago

Between point 5 and 6 of the last part of the walkthrough, you forgot to mention that there's also a switch in the passageway between the two basement rooms.

Gam 6 years ago

how do u fall through to the final room?

onni 6 years ago

wtf this game was soooo damn boring!!!!!it made no sense at the and!!!

CEN 6 years ago

the games suck i hate it you cant even fall thought to the fanal feacking thing WTF????!!!!

daledo 6 years ago

... i won... what's the point... is there going to be a coma 2?... if not... i wasted my time again... im going to bed.

Emily 6 years ago

should i ring the doorbell?

garrett 6 years ago

how do you get to the final room

bla blah blah 6 years ago

hey guys, the point of the game is that YOU ARE IN A COMA -- when you win, you just come out of the coma and your eyes are opening -- it was all a dream, so you are hearing your sister talk to you and you are going to wake up out of your coma and see here

cool game

koolgirl 6 years ago

this game stinks cant get to the final room:(

it makes me angry

Is 6 years ago

***To all the people who asked how to get to the final room***: read my previous comment! I repeat: there's a switch in the passageway between the two basement rooms (after you fall down from the first one), which isn't mentioned in this walkthrough. If you only touch the two switches in the second room, the passage to the final room won't open. You need to touch the switch in the passageway before entering the second room too.

I hope I explained it clearly enough this time...

kellydove profile image

kellydove 6 years ago


Paul Alexander 6 years ago

Really cool!

TechnicallyADream profile image

TechnicallyADream 6 years ago

Great hub, God Bless!

Good game 6 years ago

This game was so cool! Very surreal.

AuthorSteve profile image

AuthorSteve 6 years ago from Hawaii

I couldn´t get into the final room, but hey: I liked the game.. Thanks for pointing out the instructions on coma.

*8888* 6 years ago

Thanks, Its. I was starting to get a bit worried to how to open the final door. What was the sister saying to him about the she lied???

Sabrina 6 years ago

This game was interesting! This page helped me get thru. Thanks! I'd play it again. =D

moka 6 years ago

I can't get past the stone arch and large rock... Jake won't jump high enough to get over or onto the large rock... Even when I am standing on the arch!

Em 6 years ago

Great game! But without this walkthrough, I would never have won it. x)

Moogee 6 years ago

for those who can't get past the stone arch and large rock, you need to hold down ^ and > to get to the arch and dont let go... also what was that whole thing about that bird thing lying...?

Julia 6 years ago

Such a beautiful game

Chuu 6 years ago

The game was short, good and beautiful. The soundtrack was amazing, the transition seamless, and atmosphere surreal.

Pity about the last part where it was too dark to really see anything. (And the worm thing needs explaining.)

Basically the bird lied because it wanted Jake to go to the basement where the Dore Bell is and get OUT of the coma, although the truth is that he'll see his sister soon. (after he presses the dore bell.)

Personally, I loved it, and is there anymore games by this person?

kira 6 years ago

damn..the game teached me something.

At the start you have to free a little bird

that little bird is with you all the time

but at the find out that everyone lied to you..even the little bird.

you know what this game teached me?

that you shouldn't trust no one even if is there with you all the time...

-iswiftstar habbo uk 6 years ago

you need to go back into the room just before the bridge, you will see a switch on the celing, press it, go back into the bridge room and fall into the gap between the two pink thingys!

tall girl 6 years ago

No. 8 planks are on the left not the right, i thought i was going mad :P

Anonymous 6 years ago

Beautiful. Only word to describe it.

profile image

KLeichester 6 years ago

This is a good hub. Thanks for the post.

NoTearsPlease 6 years ago

Aww. I really loved the game, too badit was a bit short :] Hope that there'll be Coma 2 soon. ^^ Kept me quite entertained. Plus the soundtracks were amazing especially when crossing the field. Loved the flowers aswell.

Thanks for the walkthrough though, I was lost at some points :]

Tsuzuri 6 years ago

Bit creepy o.O but it was interesting game :D

sadie 5 years ago

To answer the questions about how the bird lied: it lied about Pete's sister being in their dad's basement. The bird was really Pete's sister's voice, helping him find his way to the dore bell, which takes him out of his coma.

Wish it was longer, but 'tis a great game.

daviddwarren22 profile image

daviddwarren22 5 years ago


Vaughn 5 years ago

I think the bird lied when it said the character was going to die after you used swung on the planet and headed to Shill Bend. just my 2 cents on what the bird may have been lying about

1999 5 years ago

how silly it makes me angry but I've played the game and finished it twice! :)

1999 5 years ago

I like the game, it's fun but a tad bit SCARY! anyway a great waste of my time but I enjoyed it. I just would like to ask the makers of the game to explain why we had to travel through a slug wormy thing and come out its butt, just to get the seed we could of just got it from a tree. I like the way they used the name COMA to make a game about a boy that was IN a coma. It was scary and a bit weird i didn't like it, but i did like it, weird huh? Hope they make a COMA 2!!!! :)

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