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Best Free Online Zombie Games For Your Computer: Play PC Zombie Games

Updated on June 22, 2010

The internet is rife with free online zombie games. Action, RPG, strategy, and just about every genre under the sun are represented. It seems that a love of the undead extends beyond simple genre classifications.

If the world seems like it is getting to be too much, why not retreat into a free computer game and blast some zombies? These online zombie games are the perfect way to relax.  After all, that's more refreshing than watching the still-moving corpse trying to eat you explode into a million pieces?

Some of the best zombie computer games can be found below. The best part? For most of them, you won't have to pay a single red cent to get in on the action. Whether you like tower defense games like Plants vs Zombies or RPGs, there's a zombie PC game for you.

Plants Vs Zombies

An adorable 2D Tower Defense game, Plants Vs Zombies has all the charm of killing the undead with none of the violence. Safe for kids six and up, but plenty of fun for adults, this addicting game from PopCap pits zombies against their natural predator: flowers.

Place plant life along a well-manicured suburban lawn and use their various powers to keep the swarms of the once living out of your home. Don't think the zombies don't come prepared though: expect pole-vaulters, swimmers, football players, and just about any other type of undead beasty to come your way.

Sonny 1 & 2

A surprisingly talkative zombie is the titular character in this massively popular free online RPG.  One of the most popular computer zombie games available, Sonny emphasizes strategic battle over exploration.  Fans of fast paced, difficult RPG fighting will love this free online zombie game.

Check out Sonny 2 here.

Infectonator : World Dominator

Don't fight zombies: create them. In Infectonator, you are a mad scientist who seeks to destroy the world by unleashing a plague of zombies o'er the land. Drop infection bombs on the citizenry of exotic cities and towns and watch as the unwitting citizens take a bite out of their friends.

Of course, it can't just be that easy. Some individuals are immune to the bomb's effects and have to be overwhelmed by zombies. Other carry guns and can take out your army of the undead before they hurt any innocent civilians.

Time your attacks right, upgrade your zombies, and find secret super zombies like Michael Jackson, Santa Claus, and Ronald McDonald to even the odds. Play one of the most exciting free online zombie games for your computer right here.

Play Infectonator: World Dominator at Armor Games.

The Last Stand 2

Have you ever dreamed of holding off the zombie apocalypse from your own home?  Well, now is your chance.  In The Last Stand 2, players battle monstrous zombies trying to smash their way past your defenses to get to your sweetmeats.  Luckily, you have a wide array of weaponry at your side.

As time passes, you might be able to recruit more allies to help keep the undead at bay. Can you survive the violent onslaught?

Play The Last Stand 2


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