DOTA Hero Tips: Admiral

Admiral is an all-around DOTA hero. He can do various roles such as a tanker, ganker, or even a carry if the situation requires him to. Probably the best aspect of Admiral is his ability to be effective in every stage of the game. His last skill is good both offensive and defensive aspect. His second skill on the other hand is an effective tool to harass enemy heroes early in the game. His first and third skills are perfect for ganking and chasing. If used effectively, Admiral can lead his team towards victory with ease. However, you should have good timing in casting Admiral’s skills for you to maximize their effects. Practice is a must. Here are some tips that must be considered in using Admiral.

Early Game

There are various ways to play Admiral. If you decide to be the team’s tanker, start off with items that boost his hit points and life regeneration. Rushing ring of health is a good idea. However, only do so if the enemy heroes on your lane are not nukers. The best allies for Admiral are those who have skills who can support his poor mana regeneration. Crystal Maiden with his global aura is perfect for Admiral. His hero partner can also purchase a ring of bacilius to cope with Admiral’s problem. Farming won’t be so hard with this hero due to his second skill. The damage boost will help you last hit creeps easier while the skill’s cleaving effect will harass enemy heroes at the same time. Be sure to upgrade Admiral’s third skill even once as it is a perfect chasing mechanism and will greatly help the team during the mid game.

Mid Game

As the team’s tank you should go with ganks. Your first skill and third skill will make it easier. If paired with a hero having one disabling skill and a decent physical attack power, a kill is almost certain. Analyzing enemy movement pattern is a must if you want to assure a hit with your first skill. You can even land a hit on a blind spot by simply counting enemy hero steps. Keep in mind that Admiral’s last skill will land on a fix distance from him regardless where you click it. To use it properly, you should be sensitive with the distance between you and your target. During clashes, cast it right away. Even if it failed to hit any enemy hero, the numbness effect will greatly help your allies survive.

Late Game

As a tanker you should be on the front line during clashes. Cast all your skills and target the enemy carry. Having a heart of tarasque is a must on this build. If you farmed well enough, an assault cuirass will boost your tanking capabilities. Keep in mind that tanking is all about being a nuisance. You should force your enemy team to target your first since having high hit points and armor will end up useless if they can disregard you for a brief moment and focus on killing your teammates. Buying items to boost your physical attack such as strygian desolator or buriza-do kyanon is imperative.

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