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DOTA Hero Tips: OmniKnight

Updated on June 15, 2012

Omniknight: The Prince of Light

Omniknight is probably one of the best supporting Hero in DOTA. By simply looking at his skill set, you can realize his ability to protect allies and impair enemy battle efficiency. This hero is the best pick for those who don’t want kills but merely plays for the benefit of the whole team. Your role is crucial especially during clashes so knowing how to effectively use your skills and position you hero is imperative. Here is a breakdown about Omniknight’s role in various stages of a game.

Early Game

Before upgrading any skill, study the situation. In most cases, Omniknight plays as a babysitter in the early stages of the game. He will be paired with a carry, a hero who needs to be supported due to weak early game capabilities yet dominates the late game. Your job is to protect your partner. Upgrading purification is a must. However, upgrading repel is optional. If the enemies occupying your lane are spammers, then it’s wise to pump repel and use it to guard your carry. Take note that you can’t heal your ally if he has repel on so be careful in using the skill. On the other hand, if the enemy heroes on your lane do not rely on skills, the third skill should be preferred. Degen aura is perfect for both offensive and defensive purposes. You’ll find it easier to chase opponents with decreased movement speed while they’ll have a hard time pursuing you.

Mid Game

One good aspect about Omniknight is that he does not need luxurious items to be effective. You just need to boost your life and mana points. In most cases, the enemy will target you first so survivability is important. Be sure to be with your carry wherever he may be. By doing so, you can heal him or make him immune to spells when needed. This stage of the game is all about ganking so this is where you need a lot of mana for healing. Buying arcane boots is a good idea. Nevertheless, it does not add a good amount of movement speed so your chasing power will somehow lessen. Consider boots of travel or power threads if your team is dominating and enemies are fleeing in most clashes.

Late Game

Omniknight’s Guardian Angel plays a vital role during the late game. If you successfully protected your team’s carry during the early and mid game, a win is almost assured. This is a point of the game where a final clash decides it all. Positioning is important so a Kelen’s dagger or force staff is advisable. These items are also great for chasing. Just make sure you use your last skill at the right moment and your team will most likely grab the win.

There are many ways to play Omniknight. I even played with some players who used offensive items on him. It may sound ridiculous yet it’s still a good idea especially if your team lacks a carry. With his degen aura, chasing enemies won’t be a problem and you can use repel so you won’t be affected by any skill in the process. Experiment on various builds and share to us if you figured out a few great ways to play Omniknight.

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