Minecraft Guide

A new comprehensive minecraft guide teaching you how to play minecraft, and how to be the best in this amazing computer game!

Introduction to the Minecraft Guide

Minecraft is one of the few indie games to have rocketed to success in the last few years, but rocket it has. While I have written a simple guide on how to play minecraft, I plan on bringing together a collection of hubs teaching you how to do everything from build a wheat farm, to how to kill a creeper!

From the very basics, to the indepth, my Minecraft Guide will show you how to get the very best out of Minecraft so that you can build everything you can imagine.

I also plan on creating some simple tutorial videos, allowing you to see exactly how I created my own personal favorite buildings, and automate some of the resource gathering which can dull the enjoyment of this online multiplayer game.

Minecraft Guide
Minecraft Guide

What is Minecraft?

If you don't know what minecraft is yet, then you definitely want to check out the official Minecraft Website. But lets get right down to basics, Minecraft is a game where you can manipulate the entire environment. You can collect materials that you need form the land itself, and use them to create your own customized world!

You can play this game by yourself, or participate in an online moderated world, where dozens of other people will be building alongside you.

Whether you want to build alone or with others, you will find an infinite world of possibilities and building opportunities.  

Minecraft Basics

Minecraft Starter Guide

Minecraft Crafting Guide

Minecraft Smelting Guide

Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft Battle Guide

Minecraft Food Guide

Minecraft Art Guide

Minecraft Automation

From Mobtowers to wheat farms, you can ease your workload by optimizing your designs!

Minecraft Wheatfarm

Automated Minecraft Wheat Farm

Minecraft Sugarcane Farm

Automated Minecraft Cactus Farm

Automated Minecraft Mob Tower

Minecraft Tools

Minecraft Applications

Minecraft Mods

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