The Hardest Test On The iPhone App - Answers, Solutions, Walkthrough & Cheats

On this page we will take a look at the Hardest Test on the iPhone app. This tricky puzzle game is the latest app to really confuse people who have downloaded it. So here we will look at the answers for the Hardest Test on the iPhone, the solutions and walkthroughs for Hardest Test on the iPhone. We will also see if there are any cheats out there and review the game. The main purpose of this page though will be to give you the answers, solutions and walkthroughs to help you complete the Hardest Test on the iPhone.

This little app came out in August of 2011. The Hardest Test on the iPhone raced to the top of the download charts as people instantly got involved in the challenge. The game is just a simple list of questions that you must find the answers to. Although the game is very basic it is very difficult and that’s why so many people will be after the solutions and walkthroughs for the game.

Hardest Test

The Hardest Test On The iPhone

So now let’s take a closer look at the Hardest Test on the iPhone. When you first open the app up you are taken to the menu screen. From here you can view the instructions, play the game or reset the game and start over if you have already completed some questions. On each question you are given four different clues, one is sound, one is visual, one is in the text and then there is a hint. You must use these clues to work out the answer and then type it onto the box.

If you read through the instructions this is actually a mini test in itself. Some of these questions are quite tricky but of you use the hints you should get through them with no problems. When you are playing the game there are adverts which pop up and can be quite annoying, on some questions they do actually get in the way! You can get rid of these but this involves a purchase. You can also buy the answer pack which gives you the answers to all the questions.

When you start the actual game there are just 12 questions to answer. However, as you are told in the instructions some are very difficult and may take you a long time to work out. The answer are all logical but sometimes you need to think outside the box to get the correct answer. Try lots of different ways of looking at the clues and different approaches to the answers. There is also an options where you can skip to Google and use this to help you find some of the answers and solutions to the Hardest Test on the iPhone. This game really will challenge people and frustrate people, if you want a challenge then get playing this one. Now thought let’s take a look at the answers and solutions so you can complete the 12 questions.

Hardest Test on the iPhone Answers, Solutions, Walkthrough

So first of all we are going to take a look at the Hardest Test on the iPhone answers, solutions and the walkthrough. We have provided the answers for the first 6 questions. If you want the answers for the final 6, simply follow the link to the answer sheet. Just type the answer into the box and you should complete the level.

1. meta

2. bacon

3. tfs

4. eau

5. decade

6. ff0000

Follow the link for the full page of answers to the Hardest Test on the iPhone.

This should help you complete the Hardest Test on the iPhone. These answers are all correct and these solutions and the walkthrough should be just what you need.

Usually at this point we try to have a look at some cheats for the game in question. However, with the Hardest Test on the iPhone there are no real cheats. If you want to cheat simply use the answers to complete the game. Otherwise you can pit your wits against the game and try and complete it without viewing the solutions, this is very tough though.

UPDATE - In the past few weeks The Hardest Test On The iPhone 2 has been released! Another brilliant little game with some very tricky answers. Get it from the app store now.

Overall this really is a great little game. The test is extremely difficult and some questions are bordering on impossible. That’s the beauty of the game though and what makes it so interesting. If you do get stuck on any or all of the question then hopefully the answers on this page will help you complete the Hardest Test on the iPhone. If you want to challenge your friends or just give yourself a headache, then this little iPhone app is certainly for you.

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Comments 58 comments

----- 5 years ago

How do you blow out the candles from an iTouch that has no mic??

Somewhat 5 years ago

Ditto to the no mike problem

Andrew 5 years ago

Plug in a headset with a mic if your iPod doesn't have one

Abbey 5 years ago


liam 5 years ago

for the question with a superhero, grace kelly sound and a friend to help hint, what is the're list says its meta but this says incorrect

Steve 5 years ago

its mika. i don't understand the answer to question 9

Daniel 5 years ago

Thaanks beb!

ashley 5 years ago

why is the 2nd answer bacon ? i don't get how that makes sense when it says to add it up & spell it out.

andyoz profile image

andyoz 5 years ago from UK Author

The numbers relate to letter of the alphabet, i.e 2=b

Emily 5 years ago

How is 5 decade and 6 ff0000?

Rosalyn 5 years ago

@Emily When you read out the notes as letters, it spells D-E-C-A-D-E. If you look at all the other birds, above them is an HTML code corresponding to the colour of the bird. Red is missing, and ff0000 is the code for red.

Yay 5 years ago

What's the meta one about??

Proud7 5 years ago

How do you explain or work out Q4/level4 pliz help

Brentox 5 years ago

With Q4



And the clue is SMTW???

Each ? Is a day


Neo 5 years ago

What question 7 about

Kayla 5 years ago

What do meat mate tame and team have in common

Sam 5 years ago

The first question is meta

Kayla 5 years ago

Help level 3

Asira 5 years ago

Bacon goes with the numbers like the second letter of the alphabet is b so that's the first letter

Abby 5 years ago

This was very useful and awesome I liked it a lot and thanks! ;)

Frances 5 years ago

How is 10 pineapple?

hutfiu 5 years ago

what is the 1 that says sometimes u need to step back in order to step forward

Sabrina 5 years ago

What is the answer to the one that says 2/5= cloud. ?=3/3

Bri 5 years ago

You go back to instructions to "read this first" (clue 1) so you are "taking a step back in order to move forward"(clue 2) the sound clue of song "I remember" (clue 3) is just that you have to remember way back from start and have to "go back to your roots" (clue 4) which is where it all started. The answer pineapple is just the answer they made up it could have been anything ie carrot bird or shoe. ANYTHING!!

bob 5 years ago

Meta is the answer to question 1 Duh

Supertastic 5 years ago

This game is sooooooo hard!!!!!!!

Ellie 5 years ago

I don't understand no.7

Bob 5 years ago

What about the second one

John 5 years ago

Level 12 said it's null hep herd - what does that mean?

Jacqui 5 years ago

Yea question 12 I can't seem tO figure it out and it says it's null hep herd what does that mean???

Hi 5 years ago

Btw twelve is snow leopard

Alex 5 years ago

Level 13 fill in the blank.. i don't get it

P.Satty 5 years ago

Number 13 the answer is "decimal" as in decimal point.

5 is less than 5.9 which is less than 9

Mcdonalds 5 years ago

Has anyone played Hardest Test On The iPhone 2.? iCan't Get Pass Level 3 =/

Marissa 5 years ago

I don't understand #12 where it says "null hep herd"

P. Satty 5 years ago

Level 12 the answer is

"Snow Leopard"

Song is by Deaf Leopard

Say it fast "it's null hep heard"

This is hard :( 5 years ago

This is hard I don't get level 13 there is to many numbers and letters can someone help me??

Kelsey 5 years ago

What does 13 mean?!? So many numbers!!

Matt 5 years ago

The numbers are the letters count between them but how do i get rid of the ads?

Muscat9 5 years ago

Question 14 answer is az but can someone tell me how that the answer is explainable. I dpmt get it

Dani 5 years ago

I need the second one not the first one i already passed all of the first one easily

Deziraye 4 years ago

Wow when I type in my answer for num. four it says it is incorrect but how is ie eeu????!!!!

Sarah 4 years ago

What is the answer for level 4 about ? 3/3

Pink22 4 years ago

Hey I'm 12 and I can figure this out.

Dub 4 years ago

What is # 7 Cause it makes no sense

lolo 4 years ago

what is answer to 14

Hala Niamey 4 years ago

What's the answer to the fourth question on the hardest test 2

genius 4 years ago

4 is eau which in french means water &is also 3 vowels

Makayla 4 years ago

I don't understand #7

Bagel 4 years ago

What is number 15? Drivin me crazy!!!!

Brooke OMG 4 years ago

It's sooooo easy and I'm only 10 they should of told me about the app ages ago!:)

Crystal 4 years ago

Some one help this is driving me nuts number 4 question I just can't figure out the answe

Christin 4 years ago

I can't figure out # 13

4 years ago

13 is decimal

Amy 4 years ago

I figered out number 7, it's the type of Honda, the answer is civic :)

Jordan 4 years ago

I can't figure out the dog one when you have to add all of the numbers up. Somebody please help me!

Level8 4 years ago

I need the answer to level 8

Test failer 4 years ago

What's no. 7?!?!????!!????

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