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Unblock Me Game App For iPhone - Tips, Solutions, Hints, Cheats

Updated on October 17, 2011

Looking for Unblock Me game app for the iPhone and iPad tips, solutions, cheats and hints? Then you are in the right place. If you download and play unblock me or are just looking for some information on the app then you can find it here. We will take a look at exactly what the unblock me game app is all about, look at some tips and hints, see if we can get hold of some solutions to the levels and also see if there are any cheats available.

Unblock me is a very popular puzzle game app on the iPhone and iPad. There are two version of the app available for download. You can get the unblock me free app or the paid version. The paid version has thousands of levels to keep you going. If you enjoy the free version you will no doubt enjoy the paid version as well.

The Unblock Me Game


When you open the unblock me app you are taken to the menu screen. Here you can play the game, view the levels, look at the options or buy the full game. The options page gives you the chance to change the block theme, adjust the sound, read the help files or view the credits. You can also reset all the stats that you have recorded while you have been playing unblock me.

If you click on the levels you can select to view either the beginner levels, intermediate levels or the bonus levels. There are a staggering 1200 levels in total on this version of the game. That is plenty to go at and should keep you going for a long time! You can view which levels you have completed and which ones you have not. You are also told how many stars you have earned on each level. This is a good way of keeping track of exactly what you have achieved on the game, with so many levels it’s good to just work your way through.

Game Play


When you enter game play mode you are given a puzzle to solve. Obviously depending upon which level you are on will determine how difficult the puzzle is. Unblock me is a pretty basic concept, you have a selection of blocks, one block is red, you must free this block from the grid. To do this you must shuffle the other blocks around to clear a path so the red block can slip through the exit hole.

Every time you move a block this counts as a move. Your moves are counted in the top corner of the screen. Depending upon how many moves it takes you to complete a level you are awarded a star. If you complete the unblock me level in the minimum amount of moves possible you earn three stars. Your stars and the amount of moves you take to complete a level are recorded so you can try to beat these by playing the levels over. Some puzzles are quite easy and only require a few simple moves whereas others are very complicated and can take a great deal of moves to free the red block.

Tips, Solutions, Cheats

If you are looking for some unblock me tips then we can have a look at a few. Instead of just randomly shuffling blocks around, take your time to examine the grid and work out the moves in your head. This will mean you take far less moves and avoid making unnecessary ones. Another tip is to practice easy levels more than once. As you familiarise yourselves with the levels you will work out how to complete the levels in as few moves as possible.

If you want unblock me solutions or cheats there are some available online. With there being so many levels it’s impossible to write up a solution for every level. On u-tube there are some unblock me walkthroughs that are very helpful. Currently there are no cheats available for the unblock me app, this may change in the future as more people play the game and want cheats for it. For more hints and tips there are some on the paid version that can be very helpful.

The unblock me game app for the iPhone and iPad really is a clever little game. With so many levels to enjoy it is well worth a download and will no doubt keep you entertained for hours. Although some people do look for unblock me cheats and tips I think it is far more enjoyable if you simply work your way through the unblock me levels one by one. This game will keep you going for hours!


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      lucy 6 years ago

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