WalkThrough for Advena of Gamevil 03


Quest 1: Jekaya Forest

Now we need to explore the Jekaya Forest and find out the problem, then let the chief know it. Jekaya Forest has total 8 scenes with all kinds of monsters. But there is no boss at the end of the Forest.

Quest 2: Attack of the Undead

Now we need to go back to Stormbridge and solve the problem in Karuna cave. Karuna Cave is just at the Northwest of StormBridge with also 8 scenes(I suppose all the other maps all have 8 scenes),at the end of the Karuna Cake, there is a strange red status over there, and a lot of the monsters want to protect it. Kill them all and finish the quest.

Quest 3: Master fighter

Now the monsters are attacking the Central City, we need to rescue them now. The city is surrounded by the monsters, we need to cross 3 scenes of monsters to get into the city.After kill all the monsters, we need to go to the city of Byava to finish the quest.

Quest 4: Secret of the Ancient Ruins

Now we need to go to the Ancient Reuins for the King Gilbert. Ancient Ruins is just at the east of the City of Byava. Just after we get into the Ancient Ruins, a Demon transprot us to a strange place, and all the team members got seperately again, now we need to find them and get our way out. All the team members were controled by the Demon, we need to defeat them one by one. At the end the Boss Temptor will come out, the boss itself has no damage, but it will summon the copies of ourselves continiously, and we need focus our power to defeat him. Dont bother with the other monsters, the quickest way is stand just below the Boss, and keep use the UPPER ATTACK. After defeat Temptor, all the members will come to us. Now we just need to go back to City of Byava.

Quest 5: Payback Time

We now need to defeat the final boss in the Byaba Palace. The Boss has a shadow shield and we need to defeat the shield first, then we can attack the boss himself, otherwise he will keep summon the shield. The boss has a pretty high evation rate, so it is better to have the thief in the team, and the fight will be easy.

Quest 6: Vengeful vengeance.

Now since everything has been solved, we now need to recover Byaba Palace. Just keep going. The Byava Palace has totally 10 scenes, and at the end we met Halley, the final Boss. It is just like the former one has a shield we need to break before we can attack her. She can summon small monsters and attack a field with shadow.

Now we have finished the whole game, and can play all the scenes in the hell mode.

Howard Thoughts:

This is really a great game, the fight is exiting and the characters are vivid. Only the boss fight is not that good enough, some bosses like Temtor is too hard, but others are a little bit easy. Any way, it is a good ARPG on Iphone by Gamevil.

P.S. About the fight of Temptor, since I have add all the points on the attack and tried to kill temptor ASAP. But I have learnt another way to kill Temptor, "by unequiping all my stuff every time he tried to make a copy of me, so when the copy apears it have very much less defense than me and i can kill them very easyly" Thanks Antonio for sharing that with me.

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Bonedizzle 5 years ago

Where do I find dual wielding orcs to finish the bloody vengence side mission?

5 years ago

How do u find karuna cave easy I've leveled my characters to 86 trying to clear this place..banic runs out of mana every time ..help?

... 5 years ago

Hire a mecernary

Tina 5 years ago

Oh my... Tempter is really hard to win...

Bobbybrackins 5 years ago

how do you get to den of undead?

John 4 years ago

Where to find the thief in side quests cine's agony?

Mister Spex 4 years ago

Hi. I'd like to ASK if there is a guide for the side quest's . If Not could somebody say what i habe to Collect im the Mission of the Old Witch ( from banic )

EASY 4 years ago


.. 4 years ago

zenon is hard.

Lol 4 years ago

Zenon and haley are the same they are both weak

profile image

miamorphos 4 years ago

I am stuck in the Place of Temptation with like five HP (S) potions, and I get killed time and time again. And my device is not able to purchase stuff from Google Play or in-app stuff, so ... I die, and I die, and I die, and I die. I get to Ellroy and can't get past that battle. This is seriously disappointing. One more day of this and I'm removing Advena from my tablet and moving on in sorrow. I really loved this game until 2 days ago when it all hit the skids like this.

klaus 4 years ago

miamorphos : what level are you in the place of tempatation? I am lv 102 inside the place of temptation. I use the skill lv 4 to boost my attack chance, then use the skill to increase invasion and just rush in and keep using the UP+Att skill.

ellroy should die within just 2 skill hits and the rest of the mobs just keep UP+ATT, if u almost died, just exit the screen and you get full healing again, then go in again, though you have to start all over again. keep on trying and you will get through.

I did not use a single HP pot inside. Main thing is you need to hit the mobs quickly so Att Chance lv 4 gives you +60 chance to hit and that's very useful. (I did not add a single dex point for Urus)

klaus 4 years ago

I have just completed the place of tempatation. now awaiting the final 2 parts. I believed I have completed every single possible side quests.

For those side quests that requires ingredients, note that almost all of them can be bought from the merchants in the various towns (no need to waste time hunting)

The only down side is that I am not able to craft any of the high lv recipes I found in the game. The rare ingredients are really ultimately rare (scared water, through my 20 odd hours of game time, I found 2 only despite repeating scenes and scenes again...)

Best magician weapon I found was rare Staff of Tears, Dmg 305, Dex 4, MP 15. I suppose there are better ones.

My characters are URUS 103, Elloy 86, Banic 81, Paz 98, Tenos 89. I plan to up all to 100. haha but seriously the 2 main char that is attacking is only URUS and PAZ, the rest are just there for lvling. I control Paz most of the time (except for place of temptation) so her att speed is the fastest and her hit rate is almost 100%.

Hope to find more rare and high level items and you can find them most probably in the mobs that interupt your journeys as the mob level correspond to your main char lv. The mobs encountered are around lv 102-105 now for me, you cannot get these levels in hard mode even. (max is 90 I think)

Think we are given some free VENA to begin with, I am left with 1100 VENA. Think at the beginning of the same, when entire party died, it gave you option of using origin of life and I stupidly click on it without realising it cost VENA haha.

Wonder if I should use the remaining VENA to buy some of the super rare ingredients...

Wonder how Hell mode is like after completing the game...does our characters continue from here? or do we start from lv 1 all over again?

profile image

miamorphos 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice -- I shall get back in there and start levelling a little. I am level 88 now, and I killed Ellroy and got the GO! message, but -- I guess I'm just lost. I love this game though.

klaus 4 years ago

hmm after killing Ellroy u get the GO! message immediately? thought there are also some waves of mobs to kill? why don't you go to other portals and save the others first.. of course, go level up more, just go in and out and kill mobs, just beware don't die.. if you are about to die, just exit screen and start again.

klaus 4 years ago

i just killed Zenon, but have not gone to the last boss yet, spent the past 2 days lvling, travelling from town to town and hoping for interruptions haha

Urus lv 116

Elloy lv 101

Banic lv 100

Paz lv 114

Tenos lv 100

and found many high end items :)

profile image

miamorphos 4 years ago

I went to the upper right portal first and battled my way through to where Ellroy is, then killed him and did the mobs, and then there was this GO message but no new portal. So I go back and do the other four characters? Like I said, I'm just lost and confused here -- but I am going to battle my way through and kill all the others, too. It looks like the GO message comes up after you kill each of the four, but GO BACK would be more like it, eh. Aargh.

klaus 4 years ago

Yes you are right, go back and do the other four characters, upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right. :)

GO means Go on and kill the other 4 haha :) hope you are successful

Kimixfj 4 years ago

How save tenos sis I'm stuck

chronolim 4 years ago

i killed temtor, but after that i have the only main character URUS to play throughout the game even i am fighting zenon.

did i miss something??

Djboom 4 years ago

Yes go to raid then requip if characters

kkk122 3 years ago

Im stuck inplace of templation.i killed elloy and tenos and they are not joined with me , what could i do?

Anonymous 3 years ago

kkk12:just go kill the others.They will join you after you kill Temptor and requip the characters.

Gamerichie 2 years ago

I don't see why temptor is so hard, then agian, I two-shot temptor somewhow. Hmmmmmm

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