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WalkThrough for Aurum Blade Final Part

Updated on October 25, 2011

Quest 1: The Spirit of Water

Now we need to see the Spirit of Water in order to repaire the Portal.

Direction: We use the Warp Gate to Water Temples 3 and go E-S-Water Temple 3, talk to the spirit of water to finish the quest.

Quest 2: Kill the Spirit of Water

Defeat the Spirit of Water

Quest 3: The Dimensional Stardust

Get the Stardust of Dimension form the spirit of water.

Quset 4: Fix the Jump Protal 2

Bring the Stardust of Dimension to the Dwarf

Direction: Use the Warp Gate to Water Temple 1

Quest 5: Kill Marduk

Go to 17th Floor

Direction: use the jump portal and go N-N-N-N,and we find out that Marduk has went to the higher floor.

Quest 6: Recapture the weapons workshop &Recapture the armor workshop

We need to destroy the Dimension Portal for the Dwarfs

Direction: go W-N-there we destroy the dimension portal of the weapons workshop, then we go S-S to destroy the dimension portal of the armor workshop

Quest 7: To Kazzam

Tell Kazzam about the destruction of the dimension portal

Direction: go N-Kazzam

Quest 8: Chase Marduk

Direction: go W-W-UP STAIRS

Quest 8-1 To the Blue Switch

We need to change all the switches to blue before we can go upstairs.

Direction: go W-change the first switch into blue, be careful when the switch turns to blue, there will be a lot of monsters appear around it, be aware of our HP, then go E-S-change the second switch to blue, this time will come out a big monster. then we go N-Lower E-to change the third switch, this time there will be two big monsters. And lastly we go W-Higher E-to turn the last switch, this will also come out 2 big monsters.

Go upstairs and we can finish the quest of Chasing Marduk

Quest 9: To the Healing Lab

We need to find the room of the cure

Direction: go E-E-there we find out that Marduk had summoned a huge boss.

Now we need to kill the Boss

The Boss can not move, but we also can not attack him unless we destroy the three columns around him, and that will be only a little time.

The Boss have 2 attack modes, one is send out a circle to go after you , the another is ice arrows to 8 directions.

I use the guardians to take the circle directly, and watch the boss to avoid the ice arrows. When the boss's HP is lower than 60%, it will use the ice arrow twice, and when the HP becomes even lower, the boss will summon small monsters to help him.

Any way it is a long and hard fight.

Quest 10: The Request of Kiri

We need to stop Marduk from making the Philosopher's stone.

Direction: we go S-N-UPSTAIRS-N-N-Place of Truth 4, there we met Cleta and finished quest

Quest 11-1 The Immortal Elixir

We need to get the Elixir on 22th floor

Quest 11-2 Elixir of the Soul

Get the Elixir of the Soul

Quest 11-3 Elixir of Life

Get the Elixir of Life.

Since these three are Parallel quests, so we can go through one direction.

Dirction: Go upstairs-Jump Circle-E-E-N-N-Talk to Lucian and Defeat him to get the Immortal Elixir

then we use the Jump Circle and go N-N-Jump Circle-there we meet the spirit of the Tree asks us to kill 30 Blood Golems for her to open the route for us, so just kill them and goet the Lamp of Truth to investigate around, so we go E-E-N-N to get the Elixir of Life, then we go S-Jump Circle-N-Jump Circle, before we get into the Jump Circle, we need to get as many as Memento of the Dead as possible, since each one can let us last a short period in the Jump Circle. When we get into the Jump Circle, we need go fast to N-N-N-S-W and get the Elixir of Soul.

Quest 12: To Clety

Give Clety all the 3 Elixirs.

Direction: go W-UPSTAIRS-N-N-UPSTAIRS-There we found Clety has not went to the 25th floor.

Quest 13: The Power of Aurum

Now we need to get the Power of Aurum Blade

1/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Ice Golems

2/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Clay Golems

3/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Iron Golems

4/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Ice Golems

5/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Clay Golems

6/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Iron Golems

7/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 15 Ice Golems

8/8 Trial of the Aurum Blade is to kill 5 Aurum Golems

Now we can summon Aurum Guardians to fight with us, and we use the Warp Gate to 24th floor to find Celty.

Quest 14: Kill Marduk

Finally we can go to defeat Marduk.

Direction: use Jump Circle-W-S-Jump Circle.

Marduk also has three attack modes, one is use lightening to attack the nearest target, it will deal 1000s damage, so use the guardians to take this part.

Second one is use the drills to attack the area around him, just keep a distance.

The last one is to summon a lot of the skeletons, this is also easy.

Take your time and kill Marduk.

But this is only the first mode of him, after been defeated by us, he will change to the second mode.

The next style of Marduc is a giant angle, it is really the last and strongest boss.

It also has three attack mode.

One is the purple liue attacks the 8 directions all the time, this one will reach the whole map, so I usually stay at 30 degree to the straight line to avoid it.

The other one is a Fire ball from the sky, do not stand in the field.

The last one is the strongest one, it is the light statues from underground, never stay close to the Boss.

So the fight will last very long, we can only take the opportunity to attcak the boss for a very short time and leave as far as we can to the boss.

And when the boss's HP becomes lower, it will move faster and all over the map, so just keep away from it, and take the good use of your guardians.

Power Dungeon Final Boss Quick Route:

N-N-N-S-Jump Circle

N-N-E-E-S-S-Jump Circle


Since it is quite rush to kill all the monsters in the dungeon, so I suggest we can skip someones in order to kill the big monster in time.

Howard's Opinion:

Very good game, despite the control is not so smooth, but it is really a good game and a time killer. Just upgrade your guardians as high as possible, they really help during the boss fight.

And the Game also has a hard mode.

Thanks for being with me for the whole long walkthrough.


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    • profile image

      Jeff 5 years ago

      I really dont understand about the power of aurum quest...

      Please describe it more...

      Thanks before.

    • profile image

      Awesome guy 6 years ago

      Where do you get marbles of life

    • profile image

      Masterchee 6 years ago

      There's this quest that I have to kill a salamander at the 15th floor refuge of flame to get a material or sth. But I can't find the damn salamander, please help!!!

    • profile image

      Nightbow 6 years ago

      Nice and precise wlakthrough. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Lucifer 6 years ago

      Nice jobs...

      Wish u can complete the secret alchemy book'S spot


    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      Where is ice or iron golems for quest of power of aurun blade???which floor. Thanks!