100 Happy Days - Part 2

I am one quarter of the way through the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I am beginning to feel the strain of it. It feels like starting a new exercise regimen. Right now, I'm feeling the burn, but I am determined to get through it. Because like a new exercise regimen, the burn and fatigue will surely give way to strength.

Day Twenty-Six
Day Twenty-Six

Day 26 : Moccasins

My old moccasins are soft and comfortable, and they keep my feet warm.

Day 27: Orange Juice

I usually have orange juice with breakfast, but this morning, it tasted particularly good

Day 28: The Sweater Pin

I have a sweater, which I love, but which I have not been able to wear for awhile. The reason for this is that the sweater is actually a sweater/shawl hybrid that has to be kept on by fastening the two sides together with a particular decorative pin, which has been missing for some time. This morning, I found Kerry the cat trying to get something out from underneath my nightstand. Guess what it was!

Day 29: Cats and Dogs

Watched a cute video about dogs annoying cats with their friendship.

Day 30: My Day Off

I get one day off every two weeks on a regular basis. Today happens to be one such day, and it makes me happy.

Day Thirty-One
Day Thirty-One

Day 31: Flowers

There are yellow flowers growing outside my house. The first flowers I have noticed this spring.

Day 32: Skype Chatting

A couple of my friends were hanging out this afternoon, but I could not join them in person for various reasons. So, they video chatted with me on Skype instead.

Day 33: Popcorn!

My father made popcorn last night while I was at work, and when I got home this afternoon, there was enough leftover for me to snack on.

Day 34: Money!

I got my tax refund today. A little extra money is always a pick-me-up.

Day 35: Busy!

After a couple slow weeks in a row at work, today I had three clients, and next week is shaping up to be solidly busy as well. I am quite pleased by this.

Day 36: Candles

A new shipment of scented candles from Yankee Candle arrived. I got several in lilac, one of my favorite scents.

Day 37: Sunlight

After several days of rain, the sun finally came out today, and brought warm weather with it.

Day 38: Warm air

The massage room at work was chilly today, so I turned on the heater. During a brief break, I sat nearby and let the warm air drift over my skin.

Day 39: Leaves

On my walk, I saw leaves starting to appear on the trees. Yet another sure sign of spring's approach.

Day 40: Computer Screen

My computer screen was broken a few days ago, and the new one arrived today. It looks great!

Day 41: Green lights

Several green lights in a row on my drive to work.

Day 42: Baby

I made face at a cute baby boy while his father waited to check in at the fitness center.

Day 43: Indulgence

I had a strawberry daiquiri cooler for a treat this evening after a particularly rough couple of weeks. I don't drink very often at all, so when I do I tend to choose a sweet, indulgent beverage.

Day 44: Dance Nostalgia

I walked by the rec center where I used to take ballet classes. The studio was locked, but I was able to peek inside and see the place where I used to stand at the barre.

Day 45: Pajamas

Bought some new pajamas and slipped into them after a soothing shower this evening.

Day 46: Trail Mix

My Monday night shift has me working well past my usual dinner time. Tonight, I brought trail mix to work to keep hunger at bay until I got home. Being able to munch whilst I did my paper work kept me happy.

Day 47: Scented Wax

Lilac wax in the melter in my room. Even the stager looking at the house today remarked on how good my room smells.

Day 48: Manicure

Before going to work, I gave myself my weekly manicure, to see that my nails were nice and short and smooth for the comfort of my clients. Though it always makes scratching itches a little more difficult for a day or two, it makes me feel prepared and ready to go.

Day 49: Hot Stone Massage

I convinced a client of mine to go ahead with the hot stone massage she had scheduled. She was very glad I talked her into it.

Day 50: Halfway!

Today, what made me happy is the fact that I am halfway through this challenge! A part of me worried from the beginning that I would have given up by now, and I must admit, there have been times I was tempted. During this stretch, I have had several stresses laid on me at once, but I am still managing to find things to be happy about. And now that I am halfway through, I am sure that I can go the distance.

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