Cures for the Common Hangover

We've all been there after a night out with the girls or the guys. We had a few too many shots, smoked a cigarette even though we've never smoked before, and somehow made it home only to wake up with one show still on, crackhead make-up, and a headache the size of.... well you know. After a few years of waking up like this, I don't drink as much, but that doesn't save me from the hangovers. These are some of my tips to getting rid of a hangover.

1. Greasy food. Chic Fil A is actually one of my favorite hangover foods but they're not open on Sundays so any greasy fast food place will do.

2. Water Water Water, This CANNOT be stressed enough. Rehydrate yourself. I sleep with a bottle of water--put it in my bed before I go out and thank myself later for it. Water is the most important thing. Gatorade is great too, replacing electrolytes.

3. I don't know about this one but my friend swears by multivitamins. He says to chug a Gatorade and take a multivitamin before bed. (I think this one works because of the Gatorade.)

4. Advil is your friend. Those headaches are not. Take some advil and try to feel normal again.

5. Hair of the dog. Sometimes, when it's bad enough, a little hair of the dog is nice. I wouldn't suggest you doing this before work or driving, but it still needs to be mentioned.

6. Cold pizza. I like to eat something before I go to bed the night before. Cold Pizza, a pack of Ramen, crackers. Anything to absorb some of the alcohol in my stomach. It always helps the hangover.

7. Sleep. When all else fails, sleep it off. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the hangover will win. Take a nice nap and pray it'll be over tomorrow.

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