How to Stop a Hangover Before it Begins - 10 Great Ways to Stop a Hangover

I'm never ever drinking again. I swear it!
I'm never ever drinking again. I swear it! | Source

One day I woke up with an atrocious hangover, and it hurt so badly that I told myself, 'It's time to stop. I can't do it anymore. It's not good. It hurts too much.' - Jordan Knight

Please ... make it go away ...


I'm Never Drinking Again. That's it. It's over for me.

Uttered in every language, colloquial dialect and tone of voice (usually strained), the above sentence is infamous for its frequency of use, following a heavy night on the sauce. It hardly ever rings true though - does it? Let's face it, the joys of being inebriated - that feeling of being King of the World and champion dancer to boot far outweigh the pain of the inevitable hangover - almost every time.

That is until you hit your thirties! Then it's all downhill from there.

The key to having a good time without the worry of the dreaded hangover though is to learn how to stop a hangover before it begins.

So without further ado, let's get to the 10 great ways to stop a hangover before it begins, as something tells me that drinking is about to occur!

Did You Know ....

  • Veisalgia is the medical term for "hangover" and is derived from the Norwegian word "kveis" which means discomfort brought on by revelry and the Greek word for pain - "algia."
  • The ethanol in alcohol dries out your brain, hence the pounding and air-headedness.
  • Alcohol halts your body's production of vasopressin, a hormone responsible for aiding the body in its absorption of water. This leads to more urination and subsequent dehydration!
  • Alcohol is a sedative!

How to Say Hangover in Other Languages

French: Gueule de bois (wood-mouth)

German: Katzenjammer (cat-yowlings)

Spanish: Resaca (backwash)

Italian: Malessere (Malaise, uneasiness)

Dutch: Kater (tomcat)

Swedish: Bakrus

Latin: Crapula (My favorite!)

Finnish: Krapula

Mexico: Kruda

You just never know when these might come in handy!

The only true hangover remedy is to never stop being drunk.

Why did I do THAT to myself?!


Alcohol doesn't cause hangovers - waking up does.

That ... Doesn't Look Like a Way to Stop a Hangover!


1. A Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Yes, as gross as that sounds, a tablespoon of olive oil before you begin partaking of those beckoning alcoholic beverages, will line your stomach and slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Ask the Italians, they swear by this method!

A Rather Obvious Hangover Cure


2. Double up - One Glass of Alcohol, One of Water

Alcohol essentially dries up the brain as the tissues are mostly made up of water and therefore if you are drinking alcohol in large amounts, a surefire way to avoid those pounding headaches in the morning, is to go one for one.

Yes, it does sound boring but it works and you'll still be drunk!

An Expensive Way to Stop a Hangover!


3. Stick to the Good Stuff Baby

It's not exactly common knowledge but the cheaper the alcoholic beverage, the more congeners it contains. It is these nasty congeners - the chemicals responsible for giving alcohol it's character - that cause you to feel awful in the morning.

Pass on the cheap stuff every now and then and you'll save yourself the headaches in the morning. I know I'd stick in an extra ten bucks for the sake of a clear head the next day!

Stop a Hangover Before it Begins With Vitamins


4. Pop a Pill

No, not that kind of pill!

As alcohol sucks you dry of vital vitamins like B12 and Folate, it's a great idea to take a multivitamin before you go to bed. While you sleep, those vitamins you lost will be replaced and you won't feel so empty in the morning.

Light is Right!


5. Stick to the Light-Colored Stuff

Have you ever noticed how after you drink vodka, your hangover seems less severe?

Well, the reason this is so, is that the lighter the drink, the less congeners contained within it. Congeners are a chemical substance produced during the fermentation process and to cut a long story short - your body despises them.

Give it a try. Stick to vodka or white wine for a night and check out the results in the morning. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Don't think you can cheat though, by adding some beer or shots to the mix!

Hangover Poll

Despite the mouth like Gandhi's flip flop and the atom-splitting headache, is it all worth it?

See results without voting

Stock up on Apricots


6. Apricots and Avocados

Alcohol also sucks you dry of potassium during your partying and this is bad because potassium is responsible for hydrating your body. Do yourself a huge favor and tuck into some apricots, avocados and even bananas before, during and after drinking and you'll wake up wondering if you dreamed the entire party!

Bubbles Mean Troubles!


7. Opt out of the Bubbles

Carbonated drinks like champers and white wine actually speed up the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, speeding up the process that leads to a legendary hangover in the morning.

Likewise, drinking whiskey and coke is yet another way to accelerate yourself towards the mother of all hangovers!

Stop a Hangover with a Nice Plate of Fatty Food


8. Indulge in Some Fatty Food Before Drinking

Research has shown that a full stomach can keep the blood-alcohol level down so before you indulge in that bottle of red wine or two, try indulging some real fatty food which despite the guilt you'll feel about eating it, will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.

Where's the lasagne!?

Spicy Food Encourages Water Consumption


9. Spicy Food

This one is fairly simple. Eat spicy food and what happens?

No, not the trip to the toilet.

I mean before that! Spicy food instigates a great desire for water to put out the raging fire in your mouth and cool you down. This means that you'll be drinking glasses and glasses of water before you head to the bar and start on the alcohol.

So before you go out, go for an Indian, Thai, Mexican or Spanish dish with lots of chili.

Replace those Salts


10. Replace Lost Salts

Your body also loses some of it's salts or electrolyte whilst you are drinking alcohol and this leads to dehydration, which in turn leads to that zombified look and feel in the morning.

Those hydration sachets of electrolyte usually used for treating diarrhea are the perfect way to restock those salts lost during a long night of drinking.

Before sleeping, mix one sachet into a glass of water and do the same in the morning. You'll regain some of your humanity!

Sports drinks also contain these valuable salts too so are a useful alternative.

"You do know that you're going to regret this tomorrow, right?"



So now that you know how to stop a hangover before it begins and you are armed to the teeth with methods, you can lay your fuzzy head down to rest after a binge session without fear of the coming morning's rude awakening.

No longer will you stagger into work the next morning with your head hung low. Oh no, on the contrary, with these new hangover cures at your disposal, you could very well drink every night and never look the worse for wear!

But seriously, I hope you found these useful and that they bear you in good stead for the coming festivities.


© 2013 Richard J ONeill

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Do you know how to stop a hangover? Please share. Thanks. 18 comments

ariellesterling profile image

ariellesterling 3 years ago from Arizona

While this list was thorough and full of great ideas, I have to wonder why "not drinking or not drinking to the point of a hangover" was not mentioned. Yes, it is quite obvious, but moderation is important and should be exercised as a preventative method, rather than getting to the point where a reactive measure is necessary.

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey there, ariellesterling,

Thanks for reading.

During my research, I did see that advice pop up often and I wondered if I should include it but then I stopped because I thought most people would merely shrug and say "Not gonna happen!"

I know I've heard that same advice and often said, "Yeah, good point, I'll give it a go," but then the night out comes and peer pressure amongst other things throws a spanner in the works and the above techniques would then come in handy.

But I do understand your point and agree.

Thanks for stopping by and adding that. I appreciate it.

Happy New Year!


ariellesterling profile image

ariellesterling 3 years ago from Arizona

Hi Rich,

I completely understand that for most individuals, as you said, especially on NYE, it's just not gonna happen! It just made me chuckle that out of all of that great advice, you left out the easiest (and cheapest) one!

Happy New Year to you as well! Hopefully, with all the celebrations at hand, we will have educated ourselves properly as how to avoid hangovers.

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author


haha yeah, I kinda felt like I'd be cheating if I put it in to be honest, just because it is the easiest but you never know, I myself may give that very same technique a try this year!!

You have a great new year and remember - stick to the light stuff hahah!



snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 3 years ago from Canada

This is a timely piece Richawriter, full of good tips, thanks. Nice use of photos, Regards, snakeslane

vkwok profile image

vkwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

Still, the best way to stop a hangover is to not drink in the first place.

healthbeautynut profile image

healthbeautynut 3 years ago

There are a few tips on here that I have never heard of. Very great hub and good information. To get more tips, you can also check out:

elviralopez profile image

elviralopez 3 years ago from Pembroke Pines, Florida

Very attractive and rich content hub. Not to mention useful.

Thank you.

JonSmith1029 profile image

JonSmith1029 3 years ago

Pretty good list. I must say, the oil (fried foods, olive oil, etc.) definitely helps. Too much sugary drinks also increase the headaches. Also, I chug a full glass of water before bed. That seems to drastically reduce the pain.

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey Snakeslane,

Thank you for those kind words.

I remember how we met, on that forum thread of mine!

Glad the thread is history, but even more so that we have connected again miss snakeslane. :)

Thanks and happy new year!!

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey vkwok!

Indeed my friend.

I think I need to follow your advice after the New Year I just had!!!

Thanks and may you have a wonderful new year!


Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Thanks Healthbeautynut,

Thanks also for the added content there. I'm sure it will be appreciated by visitors here.

Thanks and happy new year to you!


Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Thank you very much Elviralopez!!

I look forward to reading your hubs when you get some up. Let me know and I'll pop over.

Happy New Year!


Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey Jonsmith,

Thanks. I shoulda tried these techniques on myself though as after the New Year's Eve that I had, pheewwwwwwww.

Oh well. You are right though. The water seems to be one of the most effective. I'm gonna try out the electrolyte, water and vitamins methods combined next time I go out!

Thanks and Happy New Year to you!


BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 3 years ago from Bristol

Good advice but in the UK everyone drinks loads of beer/other alcohol when going out for a curry/Thai so that may not work too well. Who would have known apricots are good though?

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey there BristolBoy,

Yeah, I guess that's true haha.

Maybe they should take a bunch of bananas and some apricots with them to the Indian?

Thanks for commenting.

Take care.


Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 3 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand Author

Hey there BristolBoy,

Yeah, I guess that's true haha.

Maybe they should take a bunch of bananas and some apricots with them to the Indian?

Thanks for commenting.

Take care.


Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 18 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Great tips, Richard. Very useful and handy to prevent hangovers. Voted up!

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