Tuna Diet(My husband lost over 100 lbs on this plan)

Open heart surgery was no longer needed thanks to this plan

Tuna Diet


eat what you normally like for breakfast within reason...

use margarine no butter thru out diet...

Lunch daily choices

tuna fish /in water/ sandwich..on 100 % wholewheat( try to eat this for lunch or supper at least 3 times a week)

more if seriously want to lose...

cup of fruit

toss salad with small amount of dressing..

boiled egg

2nd choice

chicken patty or tenders grilled or baked...

pineapple slices...peaches or fruit cocktail

apple or orange..

3rd choice

a lean grilled /baked/pork-chop

baked potato w/out sr crm..

toss salad w/ small amount of dressing

steamed vegetables(season with chicken bouillon)

apple...orange..watermelon..cantaloupe...or the like..bananas..kiwi..honeydew etc..

4th choice

turkey salad.,chicken salad,,,,or the like/egg salad

(use hellmans regular mayo)

choices of fruit

any kind of dried beans cooked w/ chicken bouillon


5th choice

soup and sandwich




anything from above

also may have HB stk no gravy

ribeye/or any steak trim off fat




banana popsicles or flavored pops

no fried foods at all no pizza..no pasta

unless light helpings on your weekend..

pretty easy to do..and if you follow these items can't hardly over eat


 I just used reasonable portion control.

most nights I would eat a half cup of sherbet..I know I have written it kinda vague,the reason is to allow you a choice of menu..I found the very fact that I am not forced to eat the same thing all the time quite the motivation..also the first week when the lbs start to fall,that's a great motivator too!!


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