Zero Toxic Dissolved Solids in Water: ZeroWater Filter Purification System


We had a continuing conversation in our home as to why I refused to drink water out of our tap. After all, the water that came out of the faucet was free, whereas, the bottled water that I insisted on drinking cost us extra money out of an already tight budget.

But I would not budge on the issue. The water out of the tap tasty salty, among other things. But salty was the one that I could identify. We moved into our current home over six years ago, and in that time, I have tasted the water less than a handful of times.

I saw an advertisement about ZeroWater and told my husband that we ought to check it out. He was soon on the internet doing just that, and within a few days looking for it at stores in our area. He purchased it one day and surprised me with it.

But he was in for an even bigger surprise. A Digital Water Tester comes with the filter. This tester is used to measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water.

According to their literature:

  • TDS generally leaves an undesirable taste in tap water which could be salty, bitter, or metallic.
  • TDS includes inorganic substances such as salt, metals and other elements that may be dissolved in tap water
  • TDS comes from both natural deposits and man-made sources such as road salts, old piping, leaves, etc.

The FDA requires purified bottled water to achieve a TDS reading between 000-010. Typical TDS in U.S. tap water is 240pp/m. TDS levels found in U.S. tap water ranges geographically and can measure over 400 pp/m in some places.

Now for my husband's surprise that I mentioned earlier. Using the tester, we tested our water. He had read the above stats, but I had not. So, when our tap water tested out at 562 pp/m, he was amazed. All he could say was, "Wow."

I said, "Now you can see why I don't like the water." Proof positive that I had a much more discerning palette than he. The filtered bottle water that we had been drinking tested out to 55 pp/m.

Last year, a doctor told me that I had toxic levels of three different heavy metals in my system, and required a detox. Although I had not been drinking the water, I had been using it for cooking. I feel that the water may have been a contributing factor that lead to the toxicity.

The ZeroWater filtered water actually tastes good, and I find that I drink much more water than I used to. I am so happy with our purchase, and I know that he is also. We both highly recommend the ZeroWater filtration system.

The company is also thinking green, and has a recycling program for used filters (see their website link below). While the shipping cost is to us as consumers, the company says it will send a $5 coupon to use on a future filter purchase.

To see how much TDS is in the water in your region, click here and then enter your zip code.

To visit the ZeroWater website, click here.

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Comments: "Zero Toxic Dissolved Solids in Water: ZeroWater Filter Purification System" 6 comments

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

This is a great review of water! I deliver water for my day job so I can understand some of the things you talked about here! Great job! Keep up the good work.


homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

J.S. Matthew, thank you so much for your comments. Now I know that I know how to write a review. Your critique is very important.

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

What I enjoyed most was that the reader doesn't particularly realize that this is a review for a product; it is more of a personal experience. Very well done!


homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thank for this additional insight, J.S. Matthew.

john000 profile image

john000 3 years ago from Superior, Arizona

Was detox successful? What did they do? Was 55 ppm still over the EPA max? My wife says our tap tastes horrible but I can't see any difference between the bottled water and tap. Of course, I don't seem to be able to smell anything when she does, either. Good hub.

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 3 years ago from Texas Author

Yes the detox was succesful. And Taste and Smell do go together. My husband does not taste or smell things as well as I do.

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