Reindeer Costume for Car


Decorate Your Car For the Holidays

What has antlers, a red nose and is used for transportation during the holidays?

If you guessed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you're correct, of course.

But if you've got a sense of humor, it could also be your own auto, dressed up in its reindeer costume for cars and ready to bring joy and smiles during the holidays.

Deck You Car with Reindeer Antlers and Nose

Didn't know your car could get dressed up for the Christmas season? Well, welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of car costumes. These days, you can get special kits to decorate your car for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Halloween.

For Christmas, it just takes a couple of minutes to make your car festive by adding car reindeer antlers and nose. They're easy to attach.

Each car reindeer costume comes with two antlers and a red nose. Several manufacturers now make car reindeer costumes, and you can choose between plush antlers and nose or waterproof materials for the antlers and nose, depending on whether your car is going to be exposed to the elements a lot during the holidays or whether you'll be putting the costume on your car only on sunny, clear days.

Fortunately, they're easy to put on and take off, so you can put the reindeer costume for your car on for the company Christmas party and take it off if there's a big snowstorm coming. The antlers usually attach to the car windows with clips and the nose attaches to the front grille with clips or wire, so there's no permanent marks on your car.

So this year if you see something with large antlers and a red nose hurtling toward you, you may have to check twice to see what's heading your way.

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Will You Be Getting a Reindeer Costume for Car? 1 comment

DonnaCosmato profile image

DonnaCosmato 4 years ago from USA

No, I won't be getting a reindeer costume for my car, but I'll be on the looking out for others that do. What will they think of next? Thanks for letting me know that something like this was available :)

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