A Novice Constructs His "Best Seller Book" Web Page - The Process

Best Seller Book status is a process. Website is a part of the puzzle...
Best Seller Book status is a process. Website is a part of the puzzle... | Source
EBook Cover.
EBook Cover. | Source

Getting Ready for Best Seller Book!

Ignorance is Bliss and I am “happy!”

I feel like I learned how to perform “brain surgery” in one week. My brain surgery was and is my website. I had written a hub article about the process of publishing a “Best Seller Book.”

OK, my optimism showed! I have no shame. I enjoy challenging myself. Notwithstanding the challenge of obtaining the lofty goal of “Best Seller Book” status, it is achieved by many pieces of the puzzle. It is a process.

My background includes completing required coursework for a PhD in Informational Technology. This has provided an overview, but certainly not the technical skills needed to construct a viable Best Seller Website.

Use Outstanding Template – Research What is Best for YOU!

I elected to implement WordPress Theme. It would save time by not having to learn HTML. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basic building blocks for websites. It tells the computer what to do. Here is what it looks like: <html> <body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p></body></html>

Using a website template is a challenge too! The learning curve is steep. Simply putting the cursor one space off – inside, or outside quotes provides opportunities to learn why it did not work and spending hours to locate error.

Achieving working knowledge of the website template is just the beginning. What is your central theme? Colors? Fonts? I would recommend reviewing websites for top web pages to get an idea of what is desirable. An example Is: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/0,28757,2087815,00.html

Time Magazine has published the 50 top websites by categories. Each niche has different requirements.

My best resource is my talented son. He owns a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company http://www.seocompanylab.com and also build websites. SEO Company

Given we are both hard-headed and not given to patience, we managed to produce an acceptable website. It is not perfect. It works. SEO is another challenge. The first four pages of the Google search engine are all results from my activities about my website.

Now What?

Producing my book cover. There is a website where they will do almost anything you need for five dollars. http://fiverr.com Select one that has lots of 100% satisfied ratings. Stay tuned for my book cover! Remember to have ISBN! Mine is: 978-0-9846850-0- .

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - LOL!!!

You truly have my sympathy!! I got lost just reading the techno lingo in this hub, but confused or not, I read it smiling and with total empathy and sympathy for what you're going through!

I'm lucky in that I have wonderful technical backup, and the backup was just over for dinner last night to discuss options and ideas for what you're doing. For now, I've put it on hold pending further deciphering on my part.

As for you, I wish you the best of luck in getting it up and running. Ultimately, I'm sure your effort will be rewarded and the site will turn out great!!

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author

femmeflashpoint,I have never had a fear of the "unknown" I mentally do a "risk vs. benefit analysis" and proceed to the next decision tree.

It is more about wanting to understand the process.. Yes, I could pay someone else to do this, but I want to learn!

Thanks for your kind thoughts!


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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - I admire your tenacity, lol.

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author

femmeflashpoint, I was a science instructor and I had to accept the idea some people do not want to know how, or why things "work." I have an inquiring mind. I want/need to know the "how and why" things work...

Often I do not understand what I know!

I have a history of completing learning task in short periods of time. An example, I completed my Bachelors Degree in 15 months while I was in the Joint Chiefs of Staff-Far East involved in Top Secret activities. I attended both the University of Hawaii and Chaminade University at the same time... I obtained a Masters of Arts-Education (MAE) degree in 9 months.. and etc...

I learned in the USAF while assigned to an intense 972 hours (1 year) of not being able to take notes, or discuss what I had learned... I had learned to learn...

For me (we all have diffeent learning styles) not to ask "why," to acept what I had just assimilated. As life unflods and is experienced, my understanding would integrate the new information and a flash of "aha!" would be experienced. I had "got it." I understood...

I can pass test without understanding why it is whatever... just answer the questions... I passed my Private Pilot Test without going to Ground School to win a $100 dollar bet! I barely passed...

From my expereinces, I have learned most of us can do... However, most of us have our "emergency brakes" on. Most of us restrict ourselves... Most of us listen to our inner voice of, "I can't do that" and do not attempt to do it... I feel strongly that failure is a definition of an event. I get to decide it is a building block and an opportunity to step upon to and reach another higher level of development. Life is a process!

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - that should have been a whole brand new blog. ;)

And, I know several folks (including myself) who would get a great deal out of it. :D

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


I believe in myself. I have the right to fail and to succeed! I get to decide what "success" is. Life is a process... I have much to learn and a short life 100 years, + or - to learn as much as I can.

I am a life learner...

If I wrote the above as a "blog," it would appear to be self-serving... Notice how "I's?" It is all about "me."

I do believe and perhaps I will write a blog on learning styles. Many are not aware they have a learning style...

To know what your learning style is a huge benefit.

An example:

We have many ways to learn...

* Visual Learners

* Auditory Learners

* Kinesthetic Learners

Coupled with our multi-facted "intelligence," as Howard Gardner explains:

Multiple Intelligences are seven different ways to demonstrate intellectual ability.

They are:

* Visual/Spatial Intelligence

* Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

* Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

* Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

* Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence

* Interpersonal Intelligence

* Intrapersonal Intelligence

A clue to one's "learning style" is to listen to their adjectives. An example is if I use the term of "sight - visual" such as, "I just do not see it that way." I would primarily (never exclusive) a visual leaner. I would learn best by seeing the idea or concept, rather than "feeling it (hands-on).

If I were a Kinesthetic Learner, I would adjectives such as, "I just feel that it is wrong..." To learn things I woulkd learn best with "hands-on" opportunities...

Thanks for your comments!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

Thanks for this most needed information!

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


Thanks for your comments!

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - I'm grinning at the "100 years + or -", lol. I think BOTH of your responses to the comments would make for great hubs, and I'm rooting for 100 years and plus. ;)

As for the "I can do it" attitude/decision, was it learned growing up, or as an adult?

I also admire your flexibility in being able to know what you know, but not necessarily understand it. Those situations cause me to choke, lol. For you to accept and learn past it, without the why's and how's of it - that's impressive as well. :)

For many of us, knowing what's what drives us bats when we don't know 'why' it's what ... if that makes sense. ;)

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


"Knowing" does not always include understanding. an example:

I have hypnotized people and suggested they were being touched by a very hot spoon (they insisted they had not been hypnotized and I wanted to demonstrate they had... since there was no way to heat a spoon in the area).

Immediately they produced a blister.

They "knew" they had been burned, yet they did not understand how...

You do not know "how" you are able to stand erect and not fall over. The brain's ability to do this would take a 400 page book to learn "how" the brain does this. We simply accept the brain's capabilities... We do not need to know and understnd everything. Our life's experiences will dictate what we need to "understand."

My "can do" attitude comes from my parents. My mother is an example. She has true "grit." She just shared a boat 600 mile ocean trip with me and she thought the ocean was breaking up my boat. The ocean was so rough, the cabin cruiser would come out of the water... Yet, she never said a word, or exhibited fear...

Perhaps to not demand too much from yourself. To accept we all have limitationms. Why not remember only what we need to know? I have a "lazy brain." I only want to know where, or how to obtain my needed information. "Thinking" requires lots of energy. When I did the trouble shooting on my new webpage to solve an HTML problem, I was so "possessed," I forgot about everything else and was literally inside the convulted computer codes...

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - I read the hubs about the boat trip with your mother. (Big smile!) An impressive lady!! So, your "I can do it" attitude being instilled by hear is easy to accept. :)

Hypnosis - there's another interesting subject that's hub-worthy. I'll leave out my few and limited experiences with hypnosis because they're unremarkable. However, I'm betting whatever you might be inclined to share on the subject would be the opposite and make for interesting reading.

I would love to remember only what I want to know, but so far - I remember a great many more things and it's a fairly thorough conglomeration of memories I love, and the ones I don't, lol.

I haven't developed the technique of filing out the ones that are less favorable into the never-to-be-brought up again drawer. :)

I see two facets of you in what you share on hubpages. Scratch that - I see three, lol. Determination, focus and discipline. I see more, but during this hub, those were the ones blinking brightest.

They're good things to see and great qualities to emulate!

BrianS profile image

BrianS 5 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

I have just been through this very same process for printed copy, eBook variants and supporting website for a new book recently published(different ISBN's for different formats). Includes getting the ePub to pass the epubcheck required for iStore and we published on Amazon. Takes some concentration for sure, but for some parts I collaborated with experts in the field of book editing and printing. I took care of the website and eBooks. So you have my respect it's not easy until you know how.

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


In life there is a theory of "dualism." Good vs. bad, light vs. dark, and etc.

Given this, our assests (accounting term) - good personality traits - are also our "bad" traits. We get to decide.

An example you mentioned is "determination." The good is to be focused and goal oriented. The bad is to not to enjoy the process. I strive to be processed oriented (it is a struggle).

To be "focussed" -British spelling! - (can cause one to "cuss!) can be good. To be able to focus creats energies that generally produce results. Sometimes the "results" are not what we wanted! When one is focussed, there is a singular, drill-down, botton-line thinking process that creates magic and problem-solving results. However, the same attribute can be distractful and provide a missed opportunity to see the obvious...

The point is to be able to have the wisdom to know when to use our "life tools" to assist us in our life adventures of living.

Another example of our personlaity "good points" that can be our bad points, is loyalty. It can be a good trait. However if one is loyal to a friend that is caustic to you is not a good trait...

Hypnosis is a serious topic. Never allow yourself to be hynptized by the unprofessional.

An example: If you chew your nails and I simply hypnotize you and tell you not to bite your nails this may create a bigger problem. There is a reason you bite your nails. There are an infinint amount of reasons... It is a symptom.

You may replace the nail biting habit by a nervous facial twitch, or worse socially not acceptable behavior. The reasons for your nail biting must be determined. The past can be changed. We do it all the time. We also can change our needed anxieties to a more favorable display (release) such as pressing our thumb and forefinger togehter...

Our brain is a terrible thing to waste and to let others play with...

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


Congratulations of having the problem-solving skills that produced results! Each of us have different skill sets, or tools. Our challenge is to be life learners. Simply being a life learner can be distracting, or a huge waste of talent and time. One must develope the wisdom to learn the balance of "learning" and doing...

Here is to success (you get to define success) on your book project!

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - very interesting information on the hypnotism. I've seen a professional hypnotist twice (two different hypnotists), but neither seemed to accomplish hypnosis with me. However, I've seen it accomplished with other subjects in their care with spectacular results.

Why it didn't seem effective for me, I don't know. But for others, it worked great and I believe when it does work, it's a great way of assisting people in many ways. I also love that it requires no medication and no physically invasive procedures.

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


You did it again... You prompted me to create another Hubsite... about Hypnosis...

Hypnosis is an art supported by non-definitive "rules." It is a growing body of knowledge and understanding. When you add the idea and notion of "intent," statistics get skewed...

Lynn McTaggart, author of many books about "intent" and the apparent effects/affects of one who has an intent may influence others. The "intent effect" is a huge topic.

Bottom-line: The fact that hypnosos was not effective may be your reactions, nonreactions, or the failure of the hypnotist, or both. Each of us are different. The same cooky-cutter hypnotist may have limited success.

Hypsosis is a tool, not a pancea...

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dallas - heading there now to read it! :)

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA Author


Thanks! You are keeping me busy! Thanks for the encouragement!

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