A Walk From the Past Continues Into the Future

What I held in my hand

The Story

Almost 20 years ago a young man who might as well have been someone else was walking through his high school library.

This ladies and gentlemen is how I will begin the story of a personal discovery of one of the most life changing books that can ever be encountered. It came as a glimpse from the corner of my eye and the cover had something poignant and antique about it. It was opened and inside the front dust jacket was a description of the author which was quickly skimmed over. Then the first poem was read silently barely below a whisper, and the entire landscape of the scope of my eyes was changed forever. It was written in a very noble tone of a very understanding man who's eyes had witnessed countless beautiful events. A man who's eyes had also witnessed how tragic moments of magic are in someone close to finding out the answers about death. It was in this way I was introduced to Mr. Loren Eiseley who I later discovered was an anthropologist, an elected member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, and a member of The American Philosophical Society. Here I was embraced and understood by a man I never even knew existed and who passed before I was born. Speaking guiltless truths of the world into my ear and I read and heard every single one. This man, scientist, reduced to merely a poet in my mind. Just reading the titles of each poem in this book was enough to send a twinge of sadness into the heart of a young man who had yet to experience so much. It wouldn't be until decades later I would gaze upon this book and really, and truly understand the title Another Kind of Autumn. I would and have personally recommended this book to a young poet and someone who lives inside the autumns of our lives and years. I can remember personal conversations late at night and reading excerpts of this wonderful book of poetry to any and all who would listen.

Now dear reader I am recommending this wonderful collection of poetic words to you.

The first poem

How I acquired this book

This is how i came to be in possession of such a wonderful book. The day i checked it out of the library I went home and read right through it. Devoured it, in one sitting. The next day I went to the librarian to ask if I would be able to buy it. Needless to say I was given a quick "NO". Pooling my young mind for ideas I got the lightbulb needed. So i waited, the book was due I didn't return it I waited till i was called for having accrued fines on the book. I sadly admitted to losing such a wonderful example of literature. I deeply apologized for making such a foolish blunder, so I offered to pay for the book. Now it has been passed onto my daughter and hopefully onto my grandchildren so that the magic I encountered so many years ago, may continue to inspire a need to live.

What every writer and poet has ever tried to say.

All photos are mine taken of this magnificent book.

Walter Ferro provided the woodcuts and I seriously believe it will change your life.


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